Scars leave diffrent marks for some

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Kira- when can I leave Allison I know this isn't you

Allison- isn't it though can you believe what I will do to yourself

Kira- you touch me you'll regret it everything

Allison- when you friends get here I will kill you right in front of Scott to show my love for him

Kira- your insane

Allison- no I'm not insane you are

Kira- yeah because I kill people right

Allison- you will once I get in your head

Kira- you will never break me even if you tried your hardest

Allison- well see

Kira- when they get here they will take you down

Allison- who is they

Kira- wouldn't you like to know


Scott- Malia and Liam follow Kira's sent wants you have found where it leads call me I will stay for clues

Lydia- wonder where she is right now what's going on with her

Stiles- guys I found a note
" dear not so good friends I have taken Kira to place you will find her if you come to late she might just be dead on the floor. All I want is for you to give up on her after you save her she will kill all of you before you know what's coming don't take this too personal but it's for your own good. Who am I you ask? Well I was your friend until she came along I have to set going but talk to soon."

Stiles- who the heck do you think that was

Scott- Allison

Lydia- Allison

Scott- think about it for a sec someone who used to be our friend

Stiles- Scott is right Lydia you just don't want to admit it

Lydia- I know but it's just hard to believe Allison would do something like that

Liam- Scott I got a scent

Scott- where

Liam- the old mall

Malia- you have got to be kidding me

Scott- ok everyone lets go now

Allison- poor old Kira never had a chance with Scott boohoo

Kira- Scott does not like me like that ok

Allison- he probably does he's just to stupid to tell the truth to you

Kira- and if he was why would you care anyway

Allison- because he is my old boyfriend and i love him

Kira- so killing me will make it better

Allison- no but he will know that I did it for us

Kira- wow your crazy you will never know the meaning of love

Allison- I don't well when they get here you will know what love is

Kira- your love is stupid

Allison- you are gonna regret saying that

Kira- am I

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