Part - 01

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Trruuu Trruuu.....

My dad was constantly pressing the horn as after dropping me to my new IIT Preparation Coaching Classes......he has to rush to his office. It's not that we are getting late for my classes, there are about Two hours left for the class to start but dad has to reach office on he is going to drop me early. Though I didn't argue I m wondering what will I do there?.

I sat on the bike and dad ignited it with thousands of thoughts in my mind. Its the first time I m going to join a coed coaching. Wait our writer didn't introduce me right.......What is this Prachi? U too are behaving like my mother expecting me to do everything as I just gave 10th board. Ok, I will do the honor.

Hi, this is Nandini...Nandini Murty.

I gave ICSE 10th Boards from a girl's convent school. I m a girls school topper..... okay I m also a nerd and also a bit introvert but not talking to boys is not a sin and u tell me how will interact with boys when I haven't met any. Okay, now I have reached so wish me luck.

After bidding bye to dad, I went inside the office. They asked me to sit in the waiting room as the class was yet not ready. There I noticed a man who was busy in computer and there was also a lady of mom's age with a boy who of my age.

The lady asked the staff about hostel arrangement of the institute. She was constantly praising her son but her son seemed a really shy guy as he hardly looked up but he is cute wait......what r u thinking Nandu you are here to study. Shut up.

I realized that he was staring at me but why?? Shit because I was constantly staring at him since last 10 minutes while I was thinking all those shits. I took out my phone started playing 2046 in my cell to avoid the situation.

A staff came to us and informed that our class is about to start. I went to the class and noticed that few boys were already sitting but there was not a single girl. I went and sat on the other side of the class which was completely empty. There was still half an hour left for the class. I was really tensed as not even a single girl entered till now and only 10 minutes are left for the class.

Finally, a girl entered and sat beside me. She was wearing salwar suit....... it's not weird as I wear all Indian and Western but all the boys were staring her in an odd way as she has done something wrong. Maybe on the 1st day of our class, it's not cool wearing a suit.

We exchanged a smile and a few words. She is Navya Naveli from DPS. She said that half of the boys here are her classmates. She too is a nerd as she has hardly interacted with few of them. Truly speaking I felt good that she too is like me.

I was so much busy with my new friend that I failed to notice that the class was filled and 10 more girls have come. A man of early 20 came and was about to start when the door opened and a boy entered with an iPhone in his one hand and bag in another without Sir's permission.

A man of early 20 came and was about to start when the door opened and a boy entered with an iPhone in his one hand and bag in another without Sir's permission

S: Are u not supposed to take my permission before entering?? Why r u late?

M: Hmm......Sir since u have already started the class, I thought it will disturb u. Actually, I overslept.

Anger was visible on sir's face but I think he didn't want to show it on the very first day so he ignored and that boy he was so much full of attitude. He was just unaffected. If I would have been at his place, I would have been trembling with fear.

S: I think you are here to study not for a concert or something.

Sir said pointing at his several wristbands, his, and shinning jacket.

That boy: Sir this Rockstar get up suits my character.

S: Go and sit and better be careful as I will have a watch on u.

He started teaching vectors..... He was our physics teacher and was also a board member of the Institute. He was really strict. He told us to call all the faculty and staff bhaiya as it will create a friendly atmosphere between teacher and students.

He asked several questions to that rockstar and to my surprise.....he correctly answered all.

Bhaiya left giving us 10 minutes break. I turned to Navya.

Me: Did u know those answers which bhaiya asked that boy?

N: U mean Manik? I mean you are talking about that rockstar right??

Me: Yup, do u know him?

N: Yes he is at my school. Though not in my section. He is a rockstar so he is very famous. Moreover, he is also the topper of our batch.

Me: OMG...not bad.

N: But he has a serious attitude problem. He is a jerk.

Our discussion was disturbed by Manik's voice.

M: That idiot spoiled my mood.

The guy sitting beside me in the next row said.

Bhai lower ur pitch. There r cameras in the class.

M: As if Manik Malhotra is afraid of anyone.

The guys next to my neighbor said.

Since last year he is behind me. Now if he will discover that you are my friend then my next two years will also be hell.

M: Buddy why r u panicking. What is the extreme he can do?? He can only ask difficult questions and humiliate us if we fail to give the correct answer. Its good as for this reason only we will study.

N: Your neighbor is Cabir Dhawan and next to him is Dhruv Vedant. These there owe the rock band of our school. They r even best of friends.

M: That jerk has torched buddy for a year now it's his turn to repay.

D: Manik yr.......but he teaches so well. Promise me u both won't play any game on him.

M: Indeed he does.

C: Okay we promise. But if he will mess with us we won't back out.

The door opened and bhaiya again started. I was really feeling sleepy as the duration of the class was 4 hrs. Almost everyone was getting bored.

I saw Navya staring at maybe Cabir.....or even Dhruv.

Thank God, the class got over. We noted the HW and moved out.

Outside of my class, I discovered a familiar face it was my classmate from Convent.....Mukti. We just exchanged a smile as my father arrived.

Now again I have narrated this whole story to mom and dad. I have an idea........Prachi upload it soon yr. I will ask my parents to read on Wattpad. This will also increase ur story's view 😜😜. Now gtg. Bye.

Sure Nandu. I will do as u said.

This Nandini speaks alot...let's how much she speaks in front of our hero 😂😂

Lemme give u a small recap.


So Manik is Mukti's boyfriend.

How was it??

I have decided to write this story in Nandini POV. Do u all want Manik's POV??

I Need a cover for this story so talented people please help. U all can message me or even comment here.

Encourage me if u feel it's worth continuing.

With love...... Prachi 💖

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