Chapter Two

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"You guys didn't need to come, you know."

"Yeah but we wanted to!" Happy said as he flew over Lucy's shoulder, looking around the store with wide eyes.

"You're going to need some men to carry the heavy things too." Natsu added as he walked beside her, his hands behind his head. Hikari was sleeping peacefully in her arms as she felt her arms begin to cramp.

"Natsu, could you hold him for a bit? My arms are starting to hurt."

"Yeah!" He quickly took the baby from her arms, nearly waking him up.

"Natsu! Not so rough! You've got to hold him like this!" They stopped walking as she adjusted his arms so that he was holding Hikari correctly. She placed his hand under Hikari's head so that he was comfortable.


"You look like a family!" Happy said with a grin on his face.

"Shut up you stupid cat!"

"Whatever. They totally loooovvve each other." He said to himself as they continued to walk through the store. As they walked by everything they needed, Natsu would continuously point at random things as he held Hikari, who had woken up at Happy's and Natsu's loudness.

"You need a lot more than three packages of diapers."

"You can't just have that much formula! How will the baby live?!"

"He needs more of that white powder!"

"Natsu!" Lucy yelled, cutting of his rant. "I can always come back and buy more. I don't have that much money, remember?"

"Oh yeah! You're broke!"

"I'm not broke! I just don't have a lot of jewels!"

She took Hikari from him, who began to play with her hair again as she pointed at a wooden crib.

"Now, pick a box of that up!" Natsu picked a cardboard box up and carried it and the stroller box with ease as Happy held the diapers, powder, and formula. Lucy held a few baby outfits so Hikari could be clothed for a few days.

Thy walked to the cashier, bought the supplies, and hurried back to Lucy's house.

"Now, maybe I could get Gray over here to build this? Or Elfman?" She thought of different people she could ask for help when Natsu suddenly yelled.

"Hey! You've got Happy and me!" Natsu yelled defensively with a wide grin smacked on his face. "We can do this. You just do whatever you do with Hikari." Before Lucy could respond, the salmon haired boy was tearing the cardboard box open and pulling the wooden parts out.

"Okay..." Lucy conceded, pulling out the freshly bought diapers and baby powder. "Whatever you say."

She set the squirming baby Hikari on her dining table and quickly changed his makeshift diaper into a real one. She smiled as she reached up to run her hand on the back of his head. Hikari giggled and grabbed the pinkie of her other hand as she ran her fingers through his hair.

The hair that she now realized was a pinkish salmon color. She furrowed her brows in confusion as she stared at the little wisps of salmon hair.

The only person I've ever seen with that hair color before... Is Natsu... What if- No. Natsu probably doesn't even know what a kiss is. And he couldn't even woo a girl if he tried.

She felt a sting in her heart at the thought. Lucy had no idea why, but it hurt to think that.

"Hey, Happy. Look at this." Happy flew over to Lucy.

"What is it?"

"You see the pink hair too, right?" Happy looked at Hikari for a second before responding.

"Aye sir!" It was a few moments before Happy widened his eyes and turned to face Natsu who was hard at work building a crib for Hikari.

"Oh please, Happy. He doesn't even know how to flirt, let alone kiss a girl." Lucy snorted as she picked up a blue outfit for Hikari to wear.

It was a light blue onesie with white stripes lined horizontally across his legs and arms.

She unbuttoned the front, down to the legs and placed Hikari on top of it. Carefully putting his legs into the onesie, quickly buttoning it to his belly. She then put his arms in and finished buttoning the rest of it.

"There we go!" She picked Hikari up and walked over to her couch, waiting for Natsu to be done. Hikari kept playing with her blonde hair and pulling her fingers as he giggled in her lap.

After what felt like hours, and probably was hours, Natsu finally finished putting the crib together.

"There!" He stepped back to examine his work before plopping down on the couch next to Lucy an the sleeping baby Hikari.

"Did you do everything the instructions told you to?"


"Tighten all the screws."


"Natsu, I'm being serious. A baby is going to sleep in there."

"And it's all fine!" He yelled, almost waking the baby. He through his arms in the air as if that would show how serious he was.

Lucy sighed before gently and slowly placing Hikari in the crib. She waited for a few moments with closed eyes, but after hearing nothing, she relaxed and sat back down on the couch.

"Say, when's lunch?" Happy asked, flying around the room.

"You two can have lunch now. I just wanna take a little nap." Lucy yawned, stretching her arms as she settled into the couch.

"Go on ahead of me Happy." Natsu said before yawning loudly.

"Aye!" With that, Happy left Lucy's house. Lucy yawned once more before her head slid onto Natsu's shoulder. Too close to sleeping to know what she was laying on, she snuggled in and fell into a comforting sleep.

Natsu's face lit up a pink that could rival his hair before resting his head against hers and falling asleep.

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