Story 1 Space Adventures

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Gru had just finished his spacecraft. 10 metres high, 5 metres wide. His space craft was a dark grey. Gru had gone to order his lunch. As usual he ordered his favourite burger, the quarter pounder. Dave and Kevin thought it would be fun to go play in Grus space craft. They were having so much fun that Dave accidentally pushed the launch button gru walked in and saw the space craft leaving he panicked he dropped his $5 burger and went to push the emergency landing but bob had cut them to make a wig. So there was no way of stopping the space craft. Gru was angry, sad, worried. He missed his minions he had no way of ever getting them back. He left and went to bed when he heard someone at the door.

It was his beautiful wife Lucy she said she was coming over here when she saw a space craft and knew it was Gru's. Lucy said she had to rescue them but he said that there was. No point because there gone but she thought that the girls would love to help her so a said ok went to get the girls and only Edith wanted to come. 'Boy' she was excited. They jumped in the car and Edith call shot gun on the front seat. Lucy said that they will go and get some jet packs but Edith said that they could just turn Lucy's car into a spacecraft and so they did.

They were on the look out for a spacecraft so they thought that they should go straight to the sun be cause if they are there then they will die. Edith saw something in the distance, but Lucy said that they don't have time to waste. Edith Justin on a space suit and floated out of the car/space craft. Lucy had to rescue her as well but she saw Grus space craft heading towards the sun so she turned around and went as fast as her craft could go. She rescued the minions they were so happy because they found a bunch of other minions n space as well. So they all climbed in. Lucy turned the space craft around but couldn't see Edith anywhere.

Lucy sent minions out to look for her. Lucy went straight to the sun and funny enough she was there. So back Lucy went to get the minions and went back down to earth. Gru was so happy it was love at second sight.

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