The Finale

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So Kris' plan was real...weird....but I knew exactly what she was talking about....she plans on killing Drake before he kills her. It was just....Kris really wanna end this. Imma be with her though. Me and the guys. I changed lookin' fly as fuck and go back to Kris' house. Damn she looked sexy and her ass man!.....I have a girl though. Yeah Kris knows about Grace, but not about Stacy yet....I'll tell her soon.




okayyyyy I DIDN'T WANT GARCE THERE. BUUUTT I guess so..., but the bitch got me twisted if she think she gone try and disrespect me! By 8 everyone was there it was turnt. just 10 more mintues till this shit gone come to an end. I pray it goes well. I get another text. It said Jacquees, but it was Drake.

Jacquees:Hey common im outside i really wanted to talk to u.


I walk out hoping the guys were in their places. I walk down outside to the alley a house down from my place.


*Gun clocks*

I turn and see it was Drake...he had a gun looking like he was drinking and on that kush doe. He was walking closer to me and my face was like :| but inside i was like D"""X. I was so scared.

Drake:You just ganna come up in here....and kill MY DADDY AND UNCLE!?

Kris:Well now you see how it feels to have 2 people you love die if front of your eyes.

Drake:Bitch I will shoot you and no one'll care. Not a soul.


My mouth kept talking and I'm just like what the fuck stawp it!

Drake:You think I won't.

Kris:(takes out gun) Nope.

Yeah I had a gun on me so the fuck what. Both of our guns werefaced right at our noses....I was ready to end this....tonight.

Kris:Why'd you kill my brother and dad!?

Drake:......Because your dumbass father owed us money!....He used to be one of us....a crack dealer....and he didn't have our fucking money! We assumed he was smokin' it. So....his dead line was up. My pops and uncle came to kill him. We didn't mean to kill your brother, but he was in the way.....and you know what else....Tristy....your ma....was the main dealer. She came up with the whole plan, but made us in charge. So what you ganna do!?

I spit on him.....fuck...I'm dead. He looked angry and was about to hit me with his gun, but....




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