Chapter 26

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The smell of coffee and the sound of Ashton's giggle wakes me up as i sit up and stretch. Ashton sees that I'm awake and comes over to the bed and picks me up.

"Good morning baby girl." He coos and kisses my forehead. He lays me down on the bed and changes my nappy and dresses me in skinny jeans and a 5sos tank top.

"Let's get some breakfast in that tummy of yours." He says and tickles my stomach making me giggle.

He smiles and heads out to the lobby where the rest of the boys were waiting for us. We head out to the car, strangely there were no fans out so we had no trouble getting out to the the car.

We arrive at a Japanese breakfast restaurant and get out, entering the building. A nice waitress guides us to our table.

We follow her and sit down at a booth, me going in between Michael and Ashton. "What do you want to drink baby?" Ashton says, pulling out a coloring book and crayons and handing it to me.

"Um..chocolate milk!" I say and giggle. He smiles and orders it for me along with everybody else's drinks.

I color a picture of a lion as the boys talk about the show they have coming up. The waiter comes back to take out order.

Ashton orders me French toast and bacon since that's the only thing we can understand on the menu. After getting everybody else's orders, she goes to place our order.

I tap on Michael and show him my drawimg. He smiles and kisses my head. "Thats very pretty baby girl, I'm so proud of you."

I smile and blush, getting out another piece of paper and begin to draw a flower. Shortly our breakfast arrives and I put away my paper and crayons.

Ashton cuts up my food and almost slips up by feeding me but then realizes we're in public.

He pouts at me and hands me my fork. "I already miss you being our little baby at home." He says. I giggle and hug him.

We finish eating and pay the check before being  escorted out of the restaraunt. We climb back into the car and go to the arena that they will be performing at.

We enter a room that's used for practice near the stage. Michael picks me up and takes me over to a couch, turning on a TV that's in front of it.

He changes the channel to Paw patrol and gives me my blanket and pacifier. "Me and the rest of your daddies are gonna go practice, okay sweetie?"

I nod and smile at him, grabbing my blanket and pacifier and watching the show. He smiles and kisses my head then goes with the other guys to practice.

An hour later, they come back and Luke scoops me up from the couch and spins me around. I giggle and kiss his cheek. He smiles and sits on the couch with me in his lap as Michael puts Fifa in.

Luke and me watch the rest of the boys play for awhile before Luke stands up. "Looks like somebody went potty, hmm?" He says and tickles me.

I blush and bury my head into his neck. He chuckles and grabs the supplies and walks to a large bathroom in the room.

He lays me down on the floor and takes off my jeans and untapes the tabs, wiping me and powdering me before putting a fresh nappy on me.

He pats the front of my diaper before throwing away the old one and washing his hands then picking me up.

"Good girl." He coos and kisses my cheek. I giggle and poke his lips ring making him smile.

We go back out to the couch where the guys are yelling at each other about the video game. Luke chuckles and looks at me.

"Do you wanna learn how to play?" He asks and bounces me on his hip. I gasp and frantically nod my head. He chuckles and puts me down. "Go ask daddy Michael baby." He says and pats my bottom.

I giggle and scurry to Michael, who sees me and smiles, scooping me up and sitting me on his lap. "What's up buttercup?" He asks and kisses my head.

"Dada play." I simply say and point to the screen. He grins and calls out to the other guys. "Did you hear that? She wants to learn how to play video games!" Totally my daughter." He says.

I giggle and snuggle into chest as he teaches me how to hold the controller and how to play. Pretty soon I go against Calum and I win!

"Amateur." Calum says and grabs me from Michael, blowing rasberries on my stomach. "Daddy stop!" I giggle and push him away while smiling.

He chuckles and cuddles me. A guy comes in and stands in front of us. "10 minutes before show time." He says and flashes a brief smile before exiting the room.

Calum picks me up and situates me on the couch so I'm laying down. He covers me up amd puts my pacifier in my mouth and hands me my stuffed wolf.

"We're gonna go on stage soon baby, do you think you can get some rest?" He asks. I nod and rub my eyes, letting out a yawn.

He chuckles and kisses my forehead. The other boys come over and do the same thing, getting their ear pieces and guitars/bass ( all except for Ashton ) ready. I close my eyes and enter dreamland as they exit the room.


"That was amazing!" I hear someone tell. I blink and stretch, sitting up on the couch and looking around.

The boys were entering the room and smiled when they saw me. "Did you sleep good baby girl?" Ashton says and comes over, picking me up and giving me a bear hug.

"Ewwy daddy, you're sweaty!" I exclaim and try to get out of his grasp. He giggles and kisses my forehead, setting me down.

They go shower and then we leave the arena. We arrive back to out hotel and they get out greeting a couple of fans then taking me up to the hotel room.

Ashton lays me down on the bed and changes my nappy and  into a soft purple onesie then tucks me in.

The rest of the boys change in to their pj's and brush their teeth before getting in bed and drifting off to sleep, holding me in their arms.

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