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I woke up and noticed that I was
warm and comfortable in my bed. But how did I get here when I don't remember getting out of Austin's car? I checked to see the time and it was 4:55 a.m. Was I that drunk last night that I don't remember anything? But the funny thing was I was drunk but cooperative. From the small headache I had I figured I was in fact drunk last night. I need water. When I went to the kitchen to get water I realized I was in the big t-shirt I was wearing yesterday when I was getting ready and my hair was free from all the pins I put in it last night. After downing the glass it hit me...Austin did this. Who else? When did he get me off his car? He had the gutts to undress me and put me to bed! How could he? That was beyond invading privacy! My heart skipped a beat when I realized that he actually took each pin out so I wasn't bothered when I was asleep. That was sweet of him. I walked back to my bed and noticed that the dress from last night was hanging up in my closet. Oh Mr. Carter. I drifted off with a smile on my face.

I woke up to my phone buzzing under my pillow.


"Peaches did you just wake up its almost 11:00?"

"Yeah it's Saturday I usually sleep in on Saturdays Cranberry Sauce."

"Well you better get your big ass up because we are going out today. Haven't seen you in like forevs. I need to catch up on everything."

"It's only been two days."

"Yeah but in those two days you got a job with the hottest guy I have ever seen in my life, well after me of course. I did my research."

I laughed. "What time are you coming?"

"Ha you laughed which means you know he is absolutely gorgeous. And I will be there around 12:00."


After we hung up I was actually excited to go out with Lucus because he was a good listener and he knew how to have a good time. Now what do I wear? Since I can tell it was a little cloudy I decided to go with something casual. Black jeans, white v-neck, jean jacket with my black beanie and black boots. Perfect.

After getting ready I made tea just to wake me up a little. A heard a knock on the door and went to go open it and was expecting Lucus but it was a delivery guy holding a huge bouquet of red roses. I was in shock. There must be like 100 roses.


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"Ms. Averey Adams?"

"Uh yeah."

"These are for you." He handed me the heavy bouquet. "Have a nice day." I looked at the card attached to the roses.

I wanted to say thank you for accompanying me to the event last night. You looked absolutely gorgeous there and in your sleep.
-Austin C.

I knew it he did put me to bed. Right when I was reading the card Lucus came in smiling but it changed to curiosity.

"Who gave those to you?!"

"My boss." A sleazy smile appeared on his face.

"Mixing business with pleasure eh?" He took the card from my hands and read it. "Where did you go last night?"

"We had to go to a business/charity event last night."

"These roses are absolutely humongous! I bet you looked super hot since he even decided to include how 'absolutely gorgeous' you looked. But in your sleep too?"

"All I remember last night was that we were listening to Bon Iver on our way home in his car. I woke up and I was in my bed."

"So he put you to bed and you didn't even realize that he did? How many drinks did you have last night woman?"

"Only a couple. But I don't get how I didn't wake up."

"Ave you are the deepest sleeper I have ever met." True.

"Whatever it happened so let's get over it. I need to find a vase for these roses." After giving up on not finding a vase big enough for the flowers I decide to prop them up on the table for me to deal with later.

He actually listened when I said I love roses. I smiled at the thought.

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