Six Shooter

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Title: Six Shooter

Genre / Subgenre:  Science Fiction

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Status: Complete (It was supposed to be part of a collection, but the collection was never finished.)

Written by :  Jonny Castro-Ardern

Tags Used : ShortStory Fantasy benton pulp sci-fi seth shooter six story western

Summary: A nasty dreary day. The perfect kind of day for cleaning one's gun and chatting with the room mate. Of course, things aren't always what or as simple as they seem.



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Review :

Jonny Castro-Ardern is a great world-builder. He takes no time at all to create the characters and the tension. His characters clearly know each other well, but despite or perhaps because of living together, they don't seem necessarily to be the best of friends.

Prepare for a sharp sense of humour in the dialogue. He will have you laughing out loud. This author knows how to bring his world alive and into your living space!

Firefly comes quickly to mind with the western setting.

It's a quick read with a nice little twist at the end. 

I'm sad that the author didn't get around to publishing the other stories in this world. I was definitely interested with this and would have happily followed along for more stories. 

Review by: Anonymous

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