Chapter 2

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Gandalf & Elrond look down from the balcony of Elrond's study. They watch two hobbits, Frodo & Sam, in the gardens conversing.

Elrond: "His strength returns."

Gandalf: "That wound will never fully heal. He will carry it the rest of his life."

Elrond: "Yet to have come so far, still bearing the Ring, the hobbit has shown extraordinary resilience to its evil."

Gandalf: "It is a burden that he should never have had to bear. We can ask no more of Frodo."

Elrond [grave]: "Gandalf, the enemy is moving. Sauron's forces are massing in the east — his eye is fixed on Rivendell. Saruman you tell me has betrayed us. Our list of allies grows thin."

Gandalf [grave, stepping closer]: "His treachery runs deeper than you know. By foul craft Saruman has crossed Orcs with goblin-men, he's breeding an army in the caverns of Isengard. An army that can move in sunlight & cover great distance at speed. Saruman is coming for the Ring."

Elrond [voice rising]: "This evil cannot be concealed by the power of the Elves. We do not have the strength to fight both Mordor & Isengard!"

Gandalf moves away, deep in thought.

Elrond [firmly]: "Gandalf, the Ring cannot stay here."

The elf lord goes to the window & looks up at the sky. Gandalf follows Elrond's gaze, knowing what the elf lord is thinking.

Elrond [softly]: "I wonder if she'll come."

Gandalf: "She will. She has to."

Joining Elrond at the window Gandalf looks out seeing a group of new arrivals.

Elrond: "This peril belongs to all Middle-Earth. They must decide now how to end it. The time of the Elves is over — my people are leaving these shores. Who will you look to when we've gone? The Dwarves? They hide in their mountains seeking riches — they care nothing for the troubles of others."

Gandalf: "It is in Men that we must place our hope."

Elrond: "Men? Men are weak."

The elf lord wanders through his house as Gandalf follows.

Elrond: "The race of Men is failing. The blood of Númenor is all but spent, its pride and dignity forgotten. It is because of Men the Ring survives. I was there Gandalf. I was there three thousand years ago..."

The elf lord's voice trails off, remembering the events he had witnessed.

Elrond: "It should've ended that day but evil was allowed to endure. Isildur kept the Ring. The line of kings is broken. There is no strength left in the world of Men. They're scattered, divided, leaderless."

Gandalf: "There is one who could unite them, one who could reclaim the throne of Gondor."

Elrond [sorrow]: "He turned from that path long time ago. He has chosen exile."


Down below, the races of Middle-Earth are arriving. Boromir of Gondor with an escort. Prince Legolas Greenleaf with companions. A party of dwarves. All dismount & stare around in wonder. The beauty of Rivendell, the Last Homely House East of the Sea, overwhelms them.

Elf [surprised shout]: "Mani naa tanya (What is that)?!"

The elf points to the sky. Though not everyone understood what the elf said, all looked in the direction he was pointing. A strange silhouette was approaching. As everyone watched, it stopped & then suddenly dives towards the ground at a rapid pace. Thinking the silhouette would crash, all scatter in fear. Just before it hits the ground, there is a flash of white light & all cover their eyes. When the light fades, everyone is struck dumb at the sight.

Before their eyes is a man, with long, dark hair, dressed in white shirt, black pants & slippers & a patterned blue haori jacket. His silvery eyes are fixed on a girl, whom he carries in one arm, her arms around his neck. She is dressed in a floral hakama, black boots & a green ribbon in her long white hair. Light glints off a polished sword sheath at her side. Her eyes of forest green look into the man's as he lands lightly on his feet. Surrounded by the fading sparkles of white light, they seem unearthly beautiful as though the Valar had descended to walk among them.

Man [gentle]: "Are you alright Miyuki? The landing was a little rough."

Miyuki [soft]: "I'm alright Raiden. Put me down."

Even the voices of the two of them seem divine. The man, Raiden, sets the girl, Miyuki, down brushing a strand of the her hair behind her ear. The two of them seem lost in their own world. Everyone around them didn't speak or it was more like, they couldn't speak. No one could pick up the courage to speak & break the atmosphere between the pair. Plucking up his courage Boromir steps forward.

Boromir: "Greetings my lady, I am Boromir, son of the Steward of Gondor. Would you tell me your name?"

He reaches out to Miyuki, desiring her to look at him, to use her voice to address him. Just before his hand touches her, Miyuki spins around, knocking the man's hand away, her eyes filled with a mixture of fear & hate.

Miyuki: "Don't touch me, filth!"

Raiden: "Stop Miyuki. Not here."

Raiden takes Miyuki's hand. She then becomes aware of the crowd around them. She calms & allows him to pull her close. Raiden then gives Boromir a hard look & the man backs away in fear. Elrond then appears.

Elrond [kneeling]: "Lady Miyuki, no, Dragon Master. I am glad you've come."

Miyuki [stepping forward]: "Rise Lord Elrond. I have answered your summons. I will aid you in banishing the darkness from this land."

Elrond [rising]: "I give you my thanks, Lady Miyuki. Please, follow me. There is another who wishes to speak to you."

The Elf Lord turns & walks into the building, followed by Miyuki & then Raiden. A rising gasp runs through the crowd as they disappear. The Dragon Master. The most powerful being in Middle-Earth. Until now, the Dragon Master had been shrouded in mystery. Appearance, gender, name anything about them had been unknown. Finally the Dragon Master had appeared.

The Dragon Master had come to save Middle-Earth.

Miyuki's katana:

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