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Title: Limbo: A Sci-Friday Tale 

Genre / Subgenre: Science Fiction  Short Story

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Status: Complete

Written by krazydiamond

Tags Used :  ScienceFiction  afterearth  generationship  projectconstellation  shortstory  space


Dreams haunt Lyra. Her whole life has been spent in space, aboard a ship carrying the last of the human race. Yet, somehow, she constantly envisions the death of an Earth she's never known. How is this happening? WHY is this happening? And what does it all mean?


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Review :   

Mystery haunts the telling of this story. It takes place in a peaceful setting aboard ship, where the author @krazydiamond has created a sense of a controlled and refined world through elegant speech and order in the lives of the characters. We meet the ship's personnel android, Eden, who is said to have been given a nurturing personality, so when questioned about her dreams, why was it important that Lyra forgot to lie to her? 

Lyra is good at her job, but she is finding that little quirks just don't add up.

The author asks the question in the introduction to the story: Will the truth set Lyra free, or be her worst nightmare?

I enjoyed how the story kept me guessing. 

Limbo brings The Matrix to mind in some ways, though it may not be immediately obvious. I would even say there are some comparisons to be made to Wall E, as well. Quite the combo, right?

I'm recommending this story not only because it's well written, but because the story is one that will play with your head. It's not nearly as straightforward as it seems and it shines a bright light on what it is to be human.

Reviewer: Anonymous

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