Copright © 2012 Lance Dickson

Darkness Forms: Close To Midnight

By: Lance Dickson

1. The Rapture

Legend tells of a girl, only, she‘s not Sarah Michelle Gellar. She‘s the “Mother“ of the Miracle Child. Some call her the 2012 Virgin Mary, others call her an abomination.

Those words were spoken to many, as a way of telling their children stories before going to sleep. Also, being a way of keeping their daughters virtue intact. But at the current moment, the legend was being read in a book. By an important member of society, a man known by the name of Alcide. Alcide, 400 Years Dead. Important member of society? Not quite. In fact, Alcide was a creature of the undead. A vampire, by every mean of the sense. Sadistic, malicious, and all around enjoyable to the untrained eye. Currently, Alcide was camped out in an abandoned warehouse. He resided there with his group of vampires.

They were known as The Rapture. Aside from Alcide, the group included Meredith Rousseau, more commonly known as Mary. The oldest of the four, being almost 900 years dead. She's the second in command, even though she's the strongest and oldest. She caters to luring in her prey with looks, before killing them off. And used to have a relationship with Alcide in the past, purely based on lust. And then there was Riot. The skinniest one, and the most down to earth. Riot was turned by Alcide in the 1800's and had since turned him into an instrument of his own. Riot is more of a fighter than the others, and will stop at nothing to win. He's been known to have the strongest compelling ability, and therefore uses it to his advantage. While the others are known for killing. Riot's alley is more to kidnapping, and playing with his food. He's the most unpredictable, and most dangerous.

Scar was known as the youngest, being turned in the 1940’s, and was also the silent muscle. While Alexander, remained quiet. A shrouded vampire mystery, only being known for the blonde one out of the group. Together they were researching the lore on the miracle child, and the girl that would be deemed mother. It brought them here, to Bethlehem, North Carolina. Their goal was simple. Find the mother, and do either two things. Kill her, and be rid of the miracle child destined to kill the evil in the world. Or change the mother into one of the undead, foiling the plans.

Alcide walked around the warehouse in a towel wrapped around his waist, holding a book on the legend in one hand. And in the other, he held an elder man. A librarian kidnapped earlier on in the night. “And thus, the miracle child would slay the beasts. Sending them back to hell, forever. Aw, what a wonderful story. The only problem? Is that I can’t really stand happy endings.” Said Alcide, dropping a smile once held on his face. Alcide shot a glance to the others. Riot and Scar reacted quickly, taking the librarian and placing him into a chair.

It was obviously made for torturing, as they strapped his arms up on the armrests. Meredith pulled a table in front of Alcide, in which the librarian panicked after seeing. Alcide spoke out on the man‘s indifference. “Oh, what? You don’t like tools? That’s right. You’re a paper kind of guy. Well, hey, I like books too. As a matter of fact, I’m quite fond of the bible. Hence, the whole Rapture ordeal I have going on here. The way you people blindly throw your faith at a man you can’t see? It’s .. amusing. I vote it, let’s see. In my top five comedies of all time. And I’ve seen four centuries of comedy. It’s not all that pretty.”

Alcide laughed, reaching down on the tool table to grab a pair of pliers. “That’ll do.” Said Alcide, slowly moving towards the librarian. Alcide dropped down next to him, on one knee, and began running his fingers along the man’s hand. “I’ve had you here, for hours. And yet, you still won’t let me know what I need to.” Alcide stated, calmly. Before going back into his occasional speeches. “Which only leaves room for one thing. And that’s my favorite thing, want to guess? I’ll give you a hint. It starts with a T!”

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