The Life of A Normal Girl With MRKH

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Tori Drewes 

United States 

Author's Note: Please note that all names used besides my own are fake. Thank you.

Someone once told me that getting your annual period is such a nuisance that she wished she was like me, who still didn't have it at age fifteen. I agreed with her, thinking that periods were kind of scary and useless.

You know that saying, "careful what you wish for"? Yeah, it sometimes really nips you in the butt.

I was diagnosed with MRKH a little more than six months ago. Like most who read these stories know, MRKH affects the female reproduction system, often causing the woman to have no uterus or vagina opening. This leads to medical and emotional problems.

Six months ago, I was a relatively happy teenager. I had just escaped the clutches of catholic school and was allowed to move on to the (what I thought) amazing new life of high school; where I could finally meet new people and friends.

I love my catholic school friends to death! We've all known each other since fourth grade, and I would never trade meeting them for anything, but (even though the idea was scary) I was excited to see what 'normal' people did. I had known the same teachers and friends since first grade. I wanted a change.

My twin sister Ally joined me, and we were quickly introduced to the cruel world of high school. I was bullied almost instantly just because I was a freshman, and I had no idea what I was doing. I was surrounded by people I didn't know, having lockers, new teachers, and a rather large school.

To say it was overwhelming is an extreme understatement. I almost couldn't handle it. What was worse was that my dad had needed surgery for his foot because of a large problem with his diabetes. He wouldn't be able to walk for a LONG time. This caused stress in the family. All of us are extremely close, but my dad was driving us up the wall with his demands. Eventually, it got to the point where my mom and dad would fight over a simple word named 'please'.

Not to mention that money was tight. My dad couldn't work, so my mom had to work all day, causing her to be tired and stressed all the time. Not that any of us cared. We are too close of a family to care about money.

But I lived on. I got good grades in school, made some awesome friends, and even began doing what I really loved; singing. I am very shy, and it was often hard to express myself. Singing really helped me. Singing to people (though I have a hard time singing to new people) really boosted my confidence. 

I also began to write my own stories. Writing is and will always be a way for me to express myself in ways I could never imagine. I love creating a world where I could make someone happy or sad with a sentence. Writing helps me get away from my life. 

Anyway, around January, one of my best friends from softball texted me saying she had a surprise for me. She had set me up on a blind date with her and her boyfriend.  

The feelings that followed that were a little crazy. I was nervous about it. I never really dated anyone and 'dates' were not something I used to. I know, being fifteen I should have been on at least one date, but it didn't work out that, and I was fine that way.  

But there was another reason why I didn't date.  

My body wasn't exactly... ready. I've never gotten my period. I was fifteen and I never had my period. It was embarrassing, and I felt I wasn't ready for a boyfriend because of it. Since my body wasn't even ready for feelings, I wasn't either.  

It was hard for me to admit that to myself. It's hard for me to think back to that time too. I asked my mom to set up a doctor's appointment about it before I met him. My mom agreed, and three days before the date I went.  

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