I pull into my parking spot glad to finally be away from all the drama but not glad to be home. This house used to be so full of life. Me and Matt would be arguing or wrestling in the living room, Mom and Dad would be sitting in the dining room that is connected to the kitchen laughing and placing bets on who would win; or Dad chasing my laughing mother through house telling her to pay up because Matt beat me again. That was always the thing in our house; it was all boys against girls. Mom always bet on me and Dad always bet on Matt.

I sneak through the house up to my bedroom, once inside I pull off my pearl snap shirt. I reach for the bottom of my tank top only to stop and almost fall over from fear when I realize there’s someone in my room. Just as I’m about to scream my lamp on my bedside table turns on so I can see. I blink a couple of times only to glare at Mikey.

‘What the hell Mikey!’ I whisper at him. ‘What if Dad wakes up or something? You know how bad he will freak out. He’s in an awful mood today, you need to go.’

‘First off, there is no way in hell I would ever let him do shit when I am here. Secondly lock the door, and lastly he is passed out in his room. I already checked on him for you since I know how you worry.’

‘Shit thanks, I completely forgot.’ I run a hand down my face. ‘I’m such a shitty daughter huh? I forgot my father needed to be checked on.’ I head over to my walk in closet and quickly switch into some shorts and a spaghetti strap. When I walk back into the room I grab a hair tie and quickly throw my hair up into a messy bun.

‘That is bullshit if I’ve ever heard any.’ Mikey says leaning back on my pillows.

‘What is?’ I asked confused now.

‘Come on Lissy. You know that it should be him waiting up for you at night to make sure you’re ok. It should be him checking on you and such. You’re the child and he is the adult this is getting ridiculous. I won’t say I can’t keep protecting all the crap he has done but we both know I won’t tell a soul.’

‘Thank you Mikey.’ I say walking over to the bed and hopping up so I can sit beside him. Once I’m beside him he wraps an arm around my shoulder and I lay my head on his chest.

‘No problemo Lissy. I really did come over here to talk so how about we start with you telling me what really happened today.’ He says questioningly.

He knows everything that my dad has done to me. I would’ve liked  to keep it to myself but he accidentally walked in on me changing out of my clothes, no I was not naked I had my bra and panties on, but he saw the bruises. I had to tell him right then, he thought some random guy had attacked me and he swore to never tell anyone as long as I told him every time something happened.

Don’t think badly of Mikey, he’s only doing what I asked him, plus he BEGGED me to go to the cops or Matt at the very least but I just can’t. I can’t throw him in jail and I can’t leave him. I love him, he’s my dad. I opened my mouth and told him everything, just like a have countless times before.

You have to understand he doesn’t do this every day, there’s not a pattern you can figure out. Sometimes he is super drunk like he was today and he’s just a little sad or he says nothing at all or he cries. There is nothing that happens the exact same way.

Once, I’m done telling him everything we sit in silence because from past experiences I have learned it’s best not to push Mikey to talk. If I push and he starts talking too soon before he is calm enough he explodes. He threatens to kill my dad, call the cops, and call Matt etc. It’s awful so I have learned to sit in silence for a little while.

‘I’m sorry Lissy.’ He says making me jerk back and look into his eyes.

‘What the hell for?’ I ask.

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