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No way, no way I have not been talking to Alex Hayes. I have totally embarrassed myself in front of one of my favourite you tubers. This is one of the best days of my life and one of the worst days Also, I had to text him.

Me: is it really you?
Alex: umm I think so?
Me: no Alex why didn't you tell me..
Alex: I actually recall telling you a few times.
Me: I'm actually so embarrassed, I talked about you to you.
Alex: it was honestly adorable, but Tahlia I actually have something to ask you..
Me: ask away
Alex: do you want to meet up?
So currently I was standing in front of mirror, seeing how I looked. Alex had invited me to come hang out with him and his friends at the beach, luckily there was going to be another girl there i don't remember her name though.

I had a just a normal black bikini top on with some abstract bottoms, I know that Alex and he's friends are all obsessed with the beach and spend most their time there so I'm kinda nervous they will judge me. I just chucked on an oversized black tee shirt on and went and sat in the living room of my apartment.

I have been waiting for about 10 minutes when there is a knock on my door, I started feeling really anxious, I'm actually gonna hang out with my idol. I stood up and opened my front door and there looking perfect as ever was Alex.

"Are you Tahlia?" I just looked at him and laughed "yes i am"  he smiled and pulled me into a hug I was shocked at first but soon accepted it and embraced him also. "It's actually so nice to finally meet you, come on let's go.

I was sitting in the car with Alex on the way to the beach, and I'm gonna be honest this kid is pretty good company and may I add he even looks better in person then in he's videos.

We arrived at the beach and I saw a big group of boys, we walked over and noticed there was a girl there also, she walked over to me straight away and introduced herself, her name was alexis and she was dating one of Alex's best mates jay.

Me and alexis were just sitting on the beach talking while everyone was in the surf surfing, Alex has not really talked to me since we arrived but I guess he just wants to hang out with he's friend instead of some stupid girl who is still in high school. But just when I was thinking this I felt someone with all water on them picking me up from behind "come on Tahlia we haven't even hung out yet and that is exactly why I invited you, to hangout!" I was telling him to put me down when I was suddenly chucked into ocean.

I was pulled up straight away but, "wow I shouldn't of done that I'm so sorry Tahlia, can you swim?" I just looked at him and laughed, "of course this is Australia everyone can swim mate!" He seemed to find this amusing and had a big goofy grin on he's face. What he said next was totally unexpected

"This might sound bad because we have only met each other in person today, but I really like you and I really wanna get to know you." I smiled and replied "I like you to."

And with that he grabbed my face and kissed me


Ahh was it so soon, sorry I couldn't wait any longer but don't worry it's not gonna all be perfect and happy


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