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Pen Your Pride

Niall couldn't breathe. It couldn't be true. This couldn't be happening. If he had ever thought himself as a freak before, it had just been exonified ten times as much. His short nails dug into the bed he was perched on, leaving indentions as the doctor spoke.

"Yes.. Mr. Horan, you're pregnant", he said, forcing a smile to his lips. It was hard, considering what had just happened. Harry Styles. THE Harry Styles' fiance had found out he was pregnant and he just stormed out. Flung his jacket across the small room, and left. The look in the blue eyes of Niall Horan made pity bubble up in his stomach. One Direction had been his youngest daughters heros a few years back. This Harry was not the Harry he had seen on stage so many times.

"H-how is that p-possible..", Niall stammered out quietly," I mean.. I'm a man.. I have a fully functional dick a-and..and... Um... We've.. HARRY AND I HAVE HAD SEX SO MANY TIMES! WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN NOW!" The sudden outburst made Niall's cheeks flush bright red. "MEN DONT GET PREGNANT! WE ONLY DREAM OF THIS AND IT NEVER ACTUALLY HAPP-..."

"Mr. Horan, please", the doctor pushed his glasses from the end of his nose back into place. "Yes, I know you've got an appendage..that works... But, your also special." A smug look came to his face at the way Niall was looking at him. It was one he had seen only once before. "Let me explain." Leaving the spinning stool he was on, he went and stood by the bed, shoulder to shoulder with Niall.

"You see this?" His finger traced along the outline of the x-ray: where Niall's pelvis would be. "You can see where the testes start, yeah? And behind them, you can faintly see your rectum. Now, look directly below that." He tried keeping it as simple as he could, leaving out the big words and what Niall was looking at him.

"A hole?" Uncertainty pricked his voice. Squinting, Niall could barely make things out on the dark picture, but he did see something. "I see it.."

"Good." The doctor praised him lightly then drug his finger up. "And this, Niall.. Well I'm not sure how else to say this other than.. You've got a uterus. There." This not being his strong point, he was now chewing his lip. "You see Mr. Horan, unlike ninety percent of males, you've got the extraordinary ability to be impregnated."

"So your saying I'm a freak." All the years of people and fans bashing him from back when the band was together, hit him like a bus. They had called him 'freaky', a little 'snowflake', which he didn't mind because Harry called him that. "Thanks."

"You've mistaken me", he shook his head quickly," You're not a freak Mr. Horan.. If anything, your borderline of a miracle."

Niall just shook his head, shoulders slumping as he let his eyes graze his torso. "So I've got a kid in me?" One hand brushed along it, still feeling the small washboard but also the unmistakable fact he had out on a few pounds. "How far along?"

"Month and a half!" The mans eyes lit up whike he spoke. "Almost two, Niall, your going to be a father!" It wasn't everyday a pregnant man walked into his hospital, and being Niall Horan at that?! He could have shouted!

He couldn't he couldn't help but let a smile come to his lips. "This explain why ive been emotional, and gaining weight and..eating..weird things.." Niall looked at the x-ray then at the man again," Um.. What do I do now?"

"Go home and be pregnant and happy!", he grinned," Thats all you can do until your next appointment." He began scribbling on his pad before handing him two slips of paper. "This is your next appointment, October first and this, you need to take it to the pharmacy. It will help with the stomach pains and vomiting."

Niall gave a delighted smile at the thought of not puking his brains out.The papers tucked into his pocket, Niall slid off the bed. 'Th-thank you", he smiled," Can I have the x-ray to show Harry and the guys, please?" The smooth piece of latent paper was was slipped into his hand before he went half skipping from the room and down the hall. He was pregnant! Him! With Harry's child! He practically burst through the double doors, attracting the attention of whoever was in the room.

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