Chapter 1

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  Bucky was leaning heavily on Steve as they walked through the alley way, Bucky had been shot several times in the chest trying to escape hydra, just before Steve had found him. Bucky was in bad shape, and Steve knew he might not make it if he didn't get medical attention soon. But he couldn't take Bucky to a hospital, so he'd decided to take Bucky to a friend house.

 Willow Dariela was a retired shield agent who lived in New Zealand, which was next door to the country where Bucky had been hiding. So it was a simple matter of smuggling a half dead soldier across the border, now Steve was only a few minutes away from Willows house. 

 Willow Dariela was one of the bravest shield agents Steve had ever known, they'd been on several missions together, and Steve knew he could trust her to take care of Bucky. Willow had been forced to leave SHIELD after being injured on a mission. She wouldn't leave a dangerous area until all the civilians had been cleared out, a bomb had gone off and Willow had gotten shrapnel all up her spine. She was paralyzed from the waist down, and had moved to New Zealand, where no one would recognize her. 

 Steve could see her small yurt in the woods ahead. Come one Steve, he told himself, just a few yards and bucky will be safe. Dragging Bucky up the wheelchair ramp was a challenge, and when Steve had finally gotten him onto the porch, he propped Bucky up against the wall of the yurt. Steve knocked loudly on the door, "Willow. It's Steve this is important, please open up."

  Steve could her the sound of the lock being pulled back and the door slowly opened. Willow was sitting in her wheelchair, staring at him. Willow had silver hair and strange eyes that seemed to alternate between sea green or blue. "Captain Rogers! Is everything alright?" Willow still hadn't seen Bucky.

 Pulling Bucky into her line of sight, Steve said, "Willow I'm sorry to do this to you. But I have no where else to go, he needs help. He's my friend. Please."

 "Of course, Bring him in. Try and not knock anything over, lay him on the couch."

  Steve did as Willow ordered, helping Bucky onto the couch. Willow was gathering medical supplies, and setting them on her lap, her wheelchair making a soft squeaking noise as she turned the wheels with her hands. 

  Willow's keen eyes glanced over Bucky, not missing a detail. "Take his jacket and shirt off, I need to clean those bullet wounds."

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