Deadly Affairs- Chapter 20/Alternative Ending

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“You just had to come right now, didn’t you?” I said snippy.

“You’re the one that told me to come over in the morning.” He said pushing the door open fully. I backed up and he walked in then stopped when he saw Kellin.

“Hello…” He said awkwardly then glared at me. “You didn’t tell me that he was coming.” He whispered.

“I didn’t know he was coming.” I said while smiling so he wouldn’t be able to read what I was saying. We walked into the living room and Kellin looked at the both of us.

“So…what were you guys doing?” Mike asked sitting down on the couch.

“Nothing just talking.” I said sitting in the chair across from him.

“About what?” Mike asked. I rolled my eyes at him in frustration then he gave me a confused look not knowing what he did.

“You, actually. Kellin wanted to know why you knocked him out.” I said nonchalantly hoping that he would play it off like I was and say it was a stupid accident then apologize for being an idiot.

“Oh, uh…” Mike’s eyes were wide and he looked dumbfounded. “Well maybe you could answer that since I was helping you out.”

“Helping me?! I didn’t tell you to attack him, you did that on impulse!”

“Oh and I wonder who I learned that from.” He said cheekily. I clenched my jaw and just stared at him. My focus was taken off from him when I heard a clearing of a throat in the background. I turned my head and that’s when I remembered that Kellin was still here. Sometimes Mike and I can go at like we’re still little kids fighting over a toy and not even notice anything else because we’re caught up in the moment.

“Sorry he just gets heated sometimes.” I said.

“I don’t get heated. I wouldn’t even be down here if it wasn’t for you not knowing how to control yourself and when to walk away so if anyone has a temper problem it’s you. I have many accounts I can recollect to back that up.” Mike said still having this pissed tone in his voice.

“What is your problem?” I asked frustrated and getting upset because he was still acting like this in front of Kellin.

“I told you to take care of this last night and now look. I’m not going down for you, I’ll cover for you because you’re my brother but I will not go down with you. I have a life, a girlfriend, a job and yet I still have to save your ass when you decide you want to let off some steam. How about you be normal and join a gym to punch stuff if you’re pissed at someone not kill them!” His jaw dropped after he realized what he had said and I was literally frozen. Not one muscle in my body would move, I couldn’t even get my eyes to glance over at Kellin. It felt like time was standing still but at the same time my heart was pumping erratically and my body was starting to heat up because I didn’t know what was going to happen next.


“Shut up.” I quickly said cutting Mike off. I didn’t move any part of my body except my mouth. Out the corner my eye I saw Kellin getting up slowly then he tried to walk to the door but only got a few steps before Mike got up and stepped in his way.

“Hey!” I said getting up and pushing Mike back away from Kellin. “Don’t touch him.”

Mike looked at me shocked but I just stood my ground in front of Kellin protecting him. As Mike and I had the staring showdown Kellin stepped around us and began slowly walking towards the door. Once I realized what he was actually doing I stopped staring at Mike then went to follow behind him.

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