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"Oh, look at the comments," Phil exclaims, pointing to the screen where you can see their faces on Younow. Dan scoots slightly closer to see what Phil's pointing at and he notices how almost all the comments are asking them to react to Phil's Toxic video. 

"You think we should do it?" Phil asks as Dan continues to stare intently at the screen, as if he's lost deep in thought. 

"Oh, uh, yeah," Dan suddenly agrees, sitting back up. Little does Phil know, his Toxic video is Dan's secret pleasure. 

As Phil pulls the video up on the screen Dan squirms in his seat before grabbing a pillow and placing it on his lap, which goes unnoticed by Phil but not their audience.

While watching the video, Dan becomes hard and tries his best not to show too much emotion but with Phil being his best friend, it doesn't really work because Phil knows Dan inside and out. 

"Dan, are you alright?" Phil asks, concern showing in his eyes. Dan just nods, afraid that if he were to open his mouth a moan would escape. Phil gives him a knowing look that says 'we'll talk about this later' before looking back at the screen. 

Suddenly, Phil starts to laugh which confuses Dan a bit, but once he sees that the comments are all basically requesting them to sing Britney Spears' version of Toxic, he starts to laugh too. 

"Should we?" Phil asks. 

"I don't see why not," Dan shrugs.

"No, Phil. You have to sound like you're about to have an orgasm when you sing it," Dan tries in an attempt to teach Phil how to hit the first note of Toxic correctly, the fact that he's turned on helps a bit with the moaning part.

"Baby, can't you see I'm falling." 

Phil nods, indicating that he's got this. 

"Baby, can't yo--" Phil stops mid word due to Dan's laughter, but Phil just laughs along because he knows he didn't hit the note correctly either. 

They go on for a few more minutes trying to see if Phil can actually manage to hit the note or not, but unfortunately he fails each time. They continue the live show for another half hour before they decide it's time to tell their viewers goodnight and head off to bed.

"Alright Dan, tell me what that look was about before when we were reacting to my video," Phil asks Dan once they've signed off Younow and gotten dressed for bed. 

Just the mention of the video has Dan fighting back a semi, which does not work in his favor. 

Glancing down, Phil notices the erection slowly coming to life in Dan's pants, which causes a smirk to grow on his face. 

"Oh, I see. You're just a bit too happy, aren't you?" Phil slyly questions, striding closer to the younger boy. Gulping, Dan brings his hands down to cover his crotch. 

"I've no idea what you mean," he squeaks. 

"It's quite alright Daniel. Let daddy take care of you," Phil smiles, placing his hands on the boy's sides before leaning down to connect their lips.

[A/N: I can't believe I made him call himself "daddy" wtf]

Sooner rather than later, Phil has Dan lying stark naked on his bed, hands pressed against the younger boy's hips, tongue exploring his mouth. With his fingers digging into Dan's hip bones he slowly lines himself with Dan's ass, before pushing all the way in. 

He pauses slightly, just enough time to let the beautiful boy beneath him adjust to the feeling of being filled. Merely any minutes pass before Dan gives a nod, letting Phil know it's okay to continue. 

He starts out slow as an extra precaution just in case Dan isn't fully adjusted but with due time, he's thrusting into him hard and deep as Dan's vocal chords strain themselves.

"Phil, I'm close," Dan gasps, clenching around Phil. Phil leans down to nip at Dan's neck as he thrusts harder, trying to get both of them to reach their climax. 

"I-I'm gonna --" Dan doesn't finish his thought before his moans resonate off the bedroom walls. The feeling of Dan's tightened muscles around Phil's cock is enough to make him cum, and with one last thrust to Dan's prostate, Phil reaches his climax. 

Being the needy boy he is, Dan grabs Phil by the back of his neck and brings Phil's lips towards his as Phil rides out their highs.

Moments later, the two boys are clean and showered. 

"Maybe now you can sing Toxic and actually sound like you're having an orgasm," Dan chuckles, as he dries his hair with a towel. Phil just rolls his eyes as both boys get comfy in bed, completely dressed this time. 

"That was.. amazing," Phil eventually confesses as they lay together on Dan's bed, seeing as Phil's sheets are now in the wash. 

"Just like you," Dan replies, pressing a soft kiss to the older boy's lips. This time, the kiss is just filled with passion and love, and both boys put all of their feelings into it. 

"I've always loved you, you know," Phil admits as he detaches their lips seconds later. He can practically see the fond growing in Dan's eyes with his confession finally being vocalized, and that's when he knows that Dan has always loved him too.  

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