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  Sitting happily in his favorite park, Patrick sat, calmly making daisy chains with headphones on upside down as to not disturb his fedora. There weren't a lot of days he was simply happy without the influence of friends or events. It was just a nice day and for that, he was thankful.

Patrick's dad had beaten him less, he had Pete and life for once was okay. Of course, he didn't know what would happen when he went back to school but for now he forgot about it, continuing with his chain when a body fell next to him.

   "Holy smokes!" Patrick called out before noticing it was Pete sitting down next to him, grinning. "Hey Pattycakes! What are you listening to?" He asked, stealing the headphones and putting them on his ears briefly. "Blink-182, nice choice." He nodded. "How did you even find me?" Patrick asked, remembering he was far out of public view. Pete looked up, thinking of an answer that didn't sound creepy.

I come here often hoping to see you?

Hell no, that sounded creepy as fuck. "I was in the neighborhood and remembered seeing you here?" He said as if asking wether it was a good answer.
    Patrick simply giggled- god he was so adorable to Pete. "Well, I'm not doing anything special, just enjoying the day. God, I sound like a grandma." He giggled more. "Yeah, like a fucking adorable grandma." Pete commented, only realizing moments later he said it out loud when Patrick looked at him strangely.
   "I'm not adorable."

Instantly, the fedora boy's tone went down on a sad note. Originally, Pete was going to take it back out of embarrassment but once he saw Patrick's self esteem fall, he knew he had to encourage him. "Are you kidding me? Your the most sweet adorable little dude ever! Don't doubt yourself Trick." Pete insisted, wrapping an arm around his shoulder in comfort. Patrick didn't acknowledge it, simply picking another flower to add to the chain.
     Pete could sense the unease the boy was feeling so decided to change the topic. He wondered why Patrick hated compliments. He acted as if he hated himself yet Pete couldn't understand why. He was absolutely perfect. Sweet, innocent and pure, something that most people weren't anymore.

   Gazing over, he saw Patrick with his fedora, skinny jeans, combat boots and cardigan that gave him sweater paws. Pete honestly had no idea how anyone who was sane would beat him up.
      Resting his head on Patrick's lap, he fell asleep, the boy placing a flower crown he made on Pete's head.


    "BRENDON HELP ME!" Pete yelled out as Brendon walked through the door of the Wentz's den. He had been sitting on the couch for the past hour waiting for his friend. He needed advice and the longer he tossed the thought around in his head, the more his anxiety filled him.

Not many knew about Pete's depression as he always seemed happy but it was not the case. The times where he wanted to end himself or over dosed on pills, Brendon was always there.
    "What's up Peteypie?" He answered, shifting Pete's feet onto his lap as he sat on the couch. "I need your advice." He said quietly, picking his fingers out of a nervous habit. "I-I think I like Patrick."

    "I FUCKING KNEW IT! I KNEW IT ALL THIS TIME! IVE SHIPPED IT FROM THE BEGINNING! MY SHIP HAS SAILED!" Brendon screamed 3 octaves higher than normal. How the hell did that boy even have all of that energy? The world may never know.

"Shut up. What did you do to get with Ryan?" Pete asked. "Well first we met at a party, totally drunk and he was hot as fuck so I tried to get his attention but he was playing hard to get so the next time we met, we danced and I grind-" "Nevermind!" Pete squeaked, covering his ears. "Anyways, what made you realize you liked fedora boy?" Brendon asked.

   Pete honestly didn't know. Before today he always felt like Patrick was just a friend but...different. He couldn't explain- at least until today.
     When Pete woke up decorated with flower accessories, looking up at the boy with the sea blue eyes, everything changed. He felt emotions he had never felt before. Just simply watching Patrick delicately tying flowers felt like an honor.
   "I was looking at him today and he just- he's just perfect. I can't describe it." The room filled with squealing as Brendon fangirled, slapping Pete's arm because of how 'adorable' it was. He was pretty sure Patrick was the only one person Brendon had ever approved of so quickly.

      "Is everything alright?" Pete's mother called from the door way, staring as the boy who was currently jumping off the couch. "Yes Mrs. Wentz, sorry about that, I was just really happy." Brendon covered, putting on his 'totally straight perfect mature Christian boy' attitude.

"Oh it's alright dear. What were you cheering about?"  She asked. "Uh, my favorite football team won their game... Today." Brendon covered- or attempted to cover up his gayness. "It's not football season." Mrs. Wentz said slowly, looking over at Brendon with confusion. "Uh yeah, I meant golf haha oops." He stuttered, analyzing her face to see if she fell for it. "I didn't know you watched golf! How pleasant. Do you play too?" Mrs. Wentz asked, preparing a full blown golf conversation. "Nah, I'm living my dream through the players." Brendon smiled easily.

He had never been a good liar but once he stuck with a lie, he was excellent at continuing and making people believe. "Oh well, if you ever want to play with us, you are more than welcome. I'll leave you boys to it." She smiled and left.
   "Dude that was close!" Pete whisper yelled. "Shit, sorry!" Brendon said, cringing at the thought of Pete's homophobic mother finding out about his crush.

   Brendon had known Pete since they were in 8th grade and had always kept an angelic mask on in front of his and Pete's parents instead of the gay, energetic boy on the inside. It was insane how little his parents actually knew about him.
     "Anyways, I really like him Bren. What do I do? How do I find out if it's mutual without scaring him away?" Pete asked, sighing as he stared at the ceiling.

   "Well I would say to make him jealous by faking a relationship but I really don't see Patrick getting jealous or showing any signs of it. I suggest making romantic gestures. If he follows without looking uncomfortable with the moves you are making then you just have to grow a pair and ask him out."
  Pete never really understood how Brendon could go from his usual self to this so quickly but he didn't question it, just grateful to have him around. "Thank god I have you." Pete smiled, giving him a hug.

   "You'll get him- your practically irresistible!"


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