~Turn Back Time~

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Les p.o.v:

                After school, I stopped by my locker. I left my English textbook in there and closed it shut. I looked around for Nani and then while I was wondering why was she taking so long remembered that she was with Gabe.

No need to wait for her then...

I exhaled loudly, and made my way out of the building. Cold, rainy wind hit my face as soon as I stepped outside. I made it down the first set of stone steps before someone came from behind and cover my eyes with their hands.

"Who is it?"

I smiled slightly. I could smell the familiar cool, minty scent of Lucas's perfume.

-Lucas?- He groaned, which caused me to laugh.

-Everytime!- he crossed his arms and frowned.

-I'll pretend like I don't know next time.- I smiled.

-Promise?- he held out his pinky and I intertwined it with mine.


-Where's Nani and Gabe?- he frowned.

-They're...um..they're at Topanga's.- I scratched the back of my neck.

I could imagine Nani sipping on her coffee when all of a sudden Gabe puts his hand over here from across the table and smiles at her with those mesmerizing brown eyes and his beautiful white teeth smile.

-Les?- Lucas waved a hand in front of my face making me loose my train of thought.

-Yeah, Lucas?- I looked up at him. He opened the side of his jacket and cuddled me in.

My breath hitches as I realized how close we were.

-BOO!- Riley pops out of nowhere making me jump.

-Riles you scared her!- Lucas said cuddling me more.

-I'm sorry!- she laughed so hard she turned red.

-You're walking alone? Where's Farkle?-

-He's staying after school to finish up a Science Fair Project. He's going against Smackle, his ex-girlfriend.- When mentioning Smackle Riley tensed up.

-You want to come over?- I asked Riley.

-Really?- she said wide eyed. -I'd love to!-

-You too, Lucas.- I looked up at him and he smiled down at me and nodded.

*At Home*

I oponer the door and our wet boots were left on the mat.

-Woah!- Riley said looking around. -You're house is....HUGE!-

-Apartment.- I corrected. -Home sweet home.- I smiled and made my eyes to the kitchen and made some hot chocolate for all of us.

-You have a record player?- Lucas said eyeing the record player in the corner of the kitchen near the big window.

-Yeah, it's mine.- I handed each person a cup and took one for me.

-Thanks.- Riley said sipping her drink.

-Welcome.- I began to sip my drink when there was a knock on the door.

I went to open it while Riley and Lucas put a record inside the record player.

The mailman handed me a package for Aunt Jenn and I left it on top of the kitchen counter.

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