Chapter 13: Surgery

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Jaylie's POV:
I wake up in a Hospital bed.
Oh no I hate hospitals. They just make me hurt even more. They poke needles in my arms. I saw that I already had one in my hand. There was a tube connecting it to a big bag of a water type liquid. It was scary. I was all by myself  until a nurse came in. "Oh your awake."
I nodded. " where's Justin?"
"He's not here yet "he said.
" Oh"
The nurse checked my heartbeat.
"Oh by the way Jaylie you are going into surgery today so don't eat anything until after surgery "
I nodded. I watched T.V until Justin came into the room.
"Hey honey"
"Justin!!!" I said with a happy in my voice.

Then we talked about the surgery with the nurses. I was a little scared.

Surgery Time------------------

I was wheeled into the operating room as the nurse put the things in my IV. Soon I was fast asleep



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