Chapter 11: 1 Out of 14

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Hey guys, here's your update! I've knocked out my first two exams and so this chapter is my stress-relief. Also, did I mention that I turned 18 yesterday? xD Enjoy the book and dont forget to vote and comment!


We'd left half an hour after Steve paced for 15 minutes trying to persuade Tony to stay up for an emergency meet. We left as quietly as possible, and now I lay on a medical bed with wires attached to my head.

"Yeah, there's nothing with her." Tony said mid-yawn as he looked at my readings on his tablet.
"So, it's not in her brain?" Steve asks, stood on my left with his arms crossed and face expressionless.
"Nope." Tony shook his head. "Are you sure she didn't take any drugs?"
"She is still here, thanks." I rolled my eyes, sitting up.
"Can't we put something in her to track her vitals should they contact her again?" Steve asked.
"I guess I could take a chip and it on her." Tony made a thoughtful face, before turning around and going to fiddle with his tools. "Something small and simple." He mumbled, scratching the back of his head. I unplugged the wires attached to me and got up from the bed, stretching my arms. I rolled my eyes, wanting to remind them again that I was still here but I'm sure I wasn't going to get a response. I swung my legs over the side of the bed and hopped off, crossing my arms.

"So what do we do while we wait for you to come up with the small and simple device?" Steve asked as I paced around.
"You have to get me ready to fight." I spoke up. Steve looked at me, quirking a brow.
"To fight?" He asked.
"I want to be ready. Like, really ready, should I come into contact with them."
Steve just looked at me, and I could tell he was conflicted. "I have powers. I should be fine with a little training. Besides, the Malsan are my problem."
"The Mal what?" Tony asked, turning to face us.
"They're the-" I cut off abruptly when I my legs slowly go numb. I was about to say something when a strong, pin-like pain seered through my head and into my eyes. It felt like someone was stabbing my straight through the eyes. I let out a cry, falling to my knees just as a loud ringing sounded in my ears. I almost screamed, putting my hands in my hair and tugging violently as if it would make the pain stop. Maybe I did scream, but I couldn't hear myself. I looked up through the tears in my eyes to see Steve sat in front of me. I could make out the movement of his lips but I couldn't hear him.

And then all of a sudden everything stopped. The pain and the sound was gone. All the sound was gone. Just silence. I was left sat on my knees staring at a blurred Steve. The thing about that was he just kept getting even more blurred. He was fading out. Then in a split second, I felt myself plunge forward and my body lurched. I felt myself fall into Steve's lap, but that's not what I saw.

As my vision cleared, I saw myself walking in a corridor. A hospital corridor. It felt like my body but it also felt like I was watching through a vignette movie.

"Chris, are you okay?" I hear Steve ask. But his voice came through like a comma unit in surround sound.
"I'm.. I'm in the hospital." I panted, my senses on high alert. How was it that I was in the hospital but I could feel myself in Steve's arms.
"You can see the hospital?" I hear Tony's voice.
"I'm in the hospital." I repeated. "The same one as my grandfather's." I added, noticing the familiarity.
"Okay, describe what you see." Steve sounded, voice calm and collected. I however was breathing as deeply as I possibly could. There's something about not being in your own body that caught me off-guard.
After a couple of breaths, I answered again. "I'm in the children's ward. I'm.. I'm walking by all the rooms..."
"Do you know where you're going?"
"No.." I felt myself shake my head but vision was still looking straight. "I'm still walking.. I'm just walking down the corridor... Wait... I've stopped. I've stopped outside a room, and the door's open... Um, uh, I'm going in- Why am I-? I'm going in. And there's a kid.. He's asleep on the bed- He's asleep on the bed and attached to wires and all sorts of things."
I went quiet as I watched my movie-like scene playing before me. I just stared at the boy for a while, a tube in his mouth, and in his nose. He was attached to a drip, and who knows what else? He looked so young, perhaps ten. Maybe not even that. And then I saw my hand lift up, but it wasn't my hand. It was blue, and opaque. Just like my previous visitor.
"Oh no.." I whispered, as the hand reached for the boy's face, the index finger tracing a line down his cheek and down his jaw until it reached his neck. "No no no." I gasped, and in one swift movement, the finger swiped across the boy's neck, slitting his throat. Instantly, there was a spray of blood everywhere, which was joined by the sound of the heart rate monitor going off. All I could was scream as I watched this young boy bleed to death, his body convulsing for a couple of seconds before the fountain of blood reduced in size, and was just a pool getting bigger and bigger.

Just when I thought it was over, the hand dipped its fingers into the blood and turned to the wall, writing away. Every now and then, he'd refill is 'ink' until he was done.

"Chris, what's going on? What are you seeing?" Steve raised his voice a little, and when i was going to give him an answer, I felt my blood run cold as I saw the message written on the wall.

"One out of fourteen." I answered Steve in a half-whisper. With that, I felt my body being ripped out of wherever I was and thrown back into my own.

With a gasp, I shot up from the floor, took a look around, making sure what I was seeing was real. I looked at my hands, and let out a sigh of relief when i realised they were mine. I saw Steve readjust his seating position beside me, and Tony knelt in front of me.

"Chris, say something." Steve said quietly. I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Everytime I tried, an image of the boy flashes into my mind. His innocence. His blood. I looked at my hands again, only to see them shaking violently. And then my whole body was shaking.

"She's in shock." Tony said, analysing me. "And I'm guessing that whatever she saw, it wasn't good."

What did I see exactly? Was it even real?

"What did you mean by '1 out of 14?'" Steve asked. And for some reason, the four words broke me. I took a moment and then I burst into tears. I just knelt over and burst into tears. My shaking got worse, just as my sobs did, and I felt my temperature drop too. A cold flush, tears and shaking.

"I'm gonna get you some pills." Tony mumbled, and then he left.

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