17| Wake up

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I opened my eyes to blinding lights. I was in a hospital bed and there was some sort of IV attached to my body. I say 'some sort' of, because werewolves don't need a drip like humans when they are injured. My head was fuzzy as I tried to recollect the events that lead to my hospitalization, but my head hurt and I thought about resting for a moment.

I remembered going to search for Arden, but after that my mind was blank. A sharp pain in my ankle made me realize that it was probably broken, but it would heal soon. Bless my were-wolf genes.

I wondered where Arden was and why wasn't he here, when I remembered all the events.

The door opened and I saw Drew and Castile looking horrible. Their handsome young faces looked tired and sad. My mouth was about to turn up into a welcoming smile but then the fights  memories came rushing into my mind.

"Arden." I whispered.

They both looked at each other and then at me.

"He's not awake yet Rose." Castile told me.

"How long have I been out?"

"Two days." Castile said, "Your wolf was drained and Arden's injuries have made your wolf heal slowly since even though you two aren't mated, they have connected and your wolf is trying to help his. It's rare but it sometimes happens in strong Alpha couples."

I took in all this information and then a thought struck my head.

"But Arden is an Alpha, his injuries shouldn't affect him so much."

"Wolfsbane and silver." Drew said cautiously. "He was shot with a silver bullet coated with wolfsbane, it's a miracle that he is still alive. Independently they are harmful, together they are fatal. The bullet hit his arm."

"I need to see him." I started to pull the needles out of my arms, but Castile stopped me.

"You need those in you Rose, the wolves you killed were full of silver. For some lucky reason it didn't affect you, but the doctor said to be careful."

Of course it didn't affect me, I was immune to it. I grew up with wolfsbane and silver in and around me.

"I need to see my mate Castile, let me go." I growled.

I put the needles at the side and gave Castile and Drew an annoyed look. My wolf had completely disappeared and I had a feeling that she would be aware only when Arden gained consciousness.

I was in a flimsy hospital gown, but it didn't bother me, the only thought running through my mind was Arden.

I got out of the room and I felt that he was close by. He turned out to be in the room right next to mine.

I stepped into his room without a sound and sat on the chair next to his bed.

His face was not injured much, just a few scratches that would heal the minute the poison was out of his system. The rest of his body was covered with a sheet, so I couldn't make out the the extent of his injuries. I pulled the top of the bed sheet down and saw gauze wrapped around his arm. His whole chest was covered in cuts and bite marks which made my wolf stir somewhere in my mind.

I lightly moved my hand over his body, barely touching, but just enough to feel. The sparks were still running through my body like electric volts whenever I touched him and I rejoiced at the fact.

His wolf was alive.

I leaned forward and brushed his hair back, wishing for him to wake up soon.

I knew I wasn't the ideal mate, I would tell him all about my past when he woke up.

I sat there for I don't know how long till Arden's gamma came into the room along with the pack doctor, Sam.

"Luna." They both acknowledged me sitting by my mate.

"Doctor, Gamma." I used their pack titles, I took notice that they too looked extremely tired and sad. The tiredness was probably due to the fact that their Alpha, their leader was unwell. "Are you all here to do a check up on Arden?"

"I am here to check up on you, Luna." Doctor Lint said.

"Yes Luna, Beta Castile is a bit busy, so he sent me to make sure you're fine." Benjamin added.

"I'm fine."

Despite my repeated protests they made me eat something and take a rest, but I was back where I belonged in an hour. I curled up against my mate and closed my eyes, letting sleep take over me.

The next day Castile visited Arden and I the first thing in the morning and informed me that the pack was getting restless since their Alpha was not in a good condition and the Luna was not yet in the pack.

I knew that a pack without an Alpha was a weak one, and now that Arden had a mate, she was be expected to step in to fulfill her role.

I always prided myself for my independent spirit, but now, being away from the man I had come to accept as my mate broke me. For the first time since I was thirteen years old, I cried.

I was sure that he would wake up, even tons of silver and wolfsbane wouldn't be able to kill him. I wouldn't allow it. But for now, I needed to be a part of the pack so that I could be a proper Luna and save it.

I checked with Doctor Lint whether what I wanted to do was safe, and once he said it was I made up my mind.

I make a small cut on my palm and did the same on an unconscious Arden's palm. A small cut, just enough to mix the blood.

I put my hand over his, and when our bloods mixed I felt a sharp pain shoot up my arm. I saw Castile's concerned expression but shook my head.

Since we were mates, that too unmarked, the blood mixing would complete a part of the marking ritual, Sam had explained it to me.

I felt another sharp pain and then it suddenly stopped.

"Welcome to the pack Luna." I heard Castile's voice inside my head.

I was now a Sangre Leikos member.


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