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Charlotte takes place in an alternate reality where a called Charlotte passes near Earth every 75 years. When this happens, it spreads onto the Earth, which causes a small percentage of children who inhale the dust to manifest abilities upon reaching . The story follows the protagonist Yuu Otosaka, a boy who awakens the ability to temporarily possess others. Although hoping to use his ability to fraudulently live a carefree high school life, he is exposed by Nao Tomori, a girl who can make herself invisible to a specific target. She forces him to transfer to Hoshinoumi Academy (星ノ海学園Hoshinoumi Gakuen, "Sea of Stars Academy") and join its student council, of which she is the president. Also on the student council is Jōjirō Takajō, a boy who can move at uncontrollably high speeds. The student council's main objective is to ensure the safety of ability users from organizations who seek to exploit their powers. In doing so, the student council warns ability users of the potential danger of openly using their abilities. This leads the student council to Yusa Nishimori, a girl who has the ability to channel the dead as a . Yusa's dead older sister Misa makes use of this ability to freely possess her at any time, which allows Misa to use her own ability, . Nao soon arranges for Yusa to transfer to Hoshinoumi Academy and join the student council.

Yuu's younger sister Ayumi eventually awakens an ability to cause anything around her to suddenly collapse, which results in her death. Yuu falls into a deep depression as a result and isolates himself, but Nao successfully manages to pull him out of his depression and gets him to return to the student council. While attending a concert of the band Zhiend with Nao, Yuu recollects previously suppressed memories of his brother Shunsuke, who has the ability to . Shunsuke had used this ability to found Hoshinoumi Academy and an affiliated organization attempting to develop a vaccine to prevent children from developing abilities before they manifest. Yuu learns that the true nature of his ability enables him to steal someone's ability by possessing them. Yuu steals Shunsuke's ability to go back in time and ultimately prevent Ayumi's death by stealing her collapse ability before she can use it.

A terrorist group manages to abduct Nao and Kumagami, one of Shunsuke's closest friends and aides, and holds them hostage in exchange for Yuu, who attempts to rescue them. However, the operation does not go as planned, which results in Kumagami's death and Yuu being gravely injured. After Yuu recovers, he resolves to protect all of the ability users around the world by stealing their abilities per Nao's suggestion. As Yuu travels the world stealing abilities, the more powers he takes on soon takes its toll on him as he starts losing his memories and sense of self. However, he still manages to steal everyone's abilities throughout the world before collapsing. Shunsuke rescues Yuu, bringing him back to Japan among friends and family. Yuu is left with no past memories, but Nao tells him she is his girlfriend. Yuu and his friends look forward to the memories they will make from now on as Yuu continues to recover from his ordeal.


Yuu Otosaka (乙坂 有宇 Otosaka Yuu)
Yuu is the protagonist of Charlotte. He develops a rude and narcissistic personality once he discovers he has the ability to take over another person's body for five seconds, but the true nature of his ability enables him to steal someone's superhuman ability by possessing them. Yuu is a first-year student at Hoshinoumi Academy, and he is forced to join its student council. Initially a fake and chronic cheater, Yuu is reluctant to use his ability to aide the student council, but as time goes on, he becomes less narcissistic and much more selfless and caring towards others. Over the course of the story, he becomes a fan of the post-rock band Zhiend and falls in love with Nao. After Yuu travels worldwide to steal every ability user's power to protect them from being exploited, the strain of it causes him to . His older brother is Shunsuke and his younger sister is Ayumi.Nao Tomori (友利 奈緒 Tomori Nao)Voiced by: Nao is a first-year student at Hoshinoumi Academy and is also its student council president. She is a hardworking, intelligent, and shrewd girl, but is also narcissistic, self-righteous, and short-tempered. She has the ability to make herself invisible, but this is limited to one person of her choosing at a time. She uses this ability to her advantage to attack others she believes deserve to be kicked, but this causes her to be shunned and bullied by her peers. Although she initially shows no attraction towards Yuu, she eventually falls in love with him and stays by his side even after he loses all of his memories of her. She is a fan of Zhiend, influenced by her older brother Kazuki (一希, Voiced by: ), who once had the ability to control air movements and vibrations, which he used when playing the guitar.Jōjirō Takajō (高城 丈士朗 Takajō Jōjirō)
Jōjirō is a first-year student at Hoshinoumi Academy and is a member of its student council. His ability enables him to move at very fast speeds, but he is not able to control where he stops, resulting in frequent injuries. To counteract this, he wears protective gear under his clothes. He is a huge fan of Yusa Nishimori and is extremely obsessed with her.Yusa Nishimori (西森 柚咲 Nishimori Yusa) / Yusa Kurobane (黒羽 柚咲 Kurobane Yusa)
Yusa, also known as "Yusarin", is a first-year student at Hoshinoumi Academy and is a member of its student council. She has a bright and innocent personality that compliments her popularity as a and singer of the band How-Low-Hello. Although her actual surname is Kurobane, she uses the surname Nishimori. She has a series of "magic spells" derived from her time as a regular on a . She has the ability to channel the dead as a . However, she is initially not aware of this and only thinks that she is sleepwalking whenever she is .Misa Kurobane (黒羽 美砂 Kurobane Misa)
Misa is Yusa's deceased older sister by one year who died in an accident six months prior to the beginning of the story. Misa freely possess her at any time, represented by a change in Yusa's eye and hair color. While possessing Yusa, Misa is able to use her own ability, . Misa has a tomboyish and ill-tempered personality, and she is not afraid to be violent against anyone looking to harm her sister. She disappears after Yuu takes away Yusa's power.Ayumi Otosaka (乙坂 歩未 Otosaka Ayumi)
Ayumi is Yuu's and Shunsuke's energetic younger sister in junior high school. She has an innocent personality and deeply cares for Yuu, providing moral support to him. Ayumi often cooks for Yuu and has a tendency to add pizza sauce to every food she makes, unaware that Yuu's modern tastes cannot handle the sweetness. She is a fan of the band How-Low-Hello and an avid admirer of Yusa. She eventually awakens an ability to cause anything around her to suddenly collapse, but this is stolen by Yuu to prevent her death.Other characters[]Shunsuke Otosaka (乙坂 隼翼 Otosaka Shunsuke) is Yuu's and Ayumi's older brother, who has the ability to . Using this power, he eventually manages to found Hoshinoumi Academy to protect his fellow ability users. Overuse of his ability leads him to become blind, preventing him from making further use of it. He is voiced by.Kumagami (熊耳) is a mysterious student at Hoshinoumi Academy, who has the ability to locate an ability user and determine their ability. He helps the student council in finding ability users. He works for Shunsuke, who nicknames him "". He is killed after protecting Nao from some falling wreckage. He is voiced by .Medoki (目時) has the ability of , which she uses to make someone fall asleep, but as a result, she falls asleep as well. She works for Shunsuke. She is voiced by .Shichino (七野) has the ability of , which he uses to pass through solid matter. However, this causes extreme exhaustion. He works for Shunsuke. He is voiced by Maedomari (前泊) has the ability to erase one's memory, which requires physical contact and time to find the wanted memories. He works for Shunsuke. He is voiced by.

GENRE: Comedy-Drama , Supernatural

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