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Title: The Bird & The Rose

Summary: He was a beautiful rose, and she was a dancing blue bird, just praying to make a new friend smile, however no matter how hurt she got, she took the every chance to get close to her beautiful rose.

Warnings: Sad fluff & minor death :(

Status: Unfinished

- : -

He was like a rose, sharp and intelligent, beautiful and mesmerizing. However roses have their thorns, and likewise he shunned his admirers away, and jabbed anyone who tried to get to close to him in order to protect himself.

For he knew if he got too close to someone, they would pick him off his stern stem and he would become gullible. That was not what the pretty rose wanted, not at all.

He never smiled at his followers or appreciated their adoration towards him, he would only push them away. That's what his father told him to do as they watched his mother drive away with her all stuff in the trunk.

"Len, if you don't want to be hurt like your papa, then I suggest you become stern. Don't let people too close to you, or else you will experience the pain we both are feeling right now."

Len remembered how his father just clenched his clammy fists up into balls, and he remembered how his papa tried his best not to cry in front of his only son, and how his expression while giving the advice was solid.

Len saw what it was like to be hurt--heck, he felt what it was like to be hurt. His own mom left him and his papa alone, when he was only six and 1/4 years of age. He didn't want to experience anything like that again, so he followed his father's advice and to this day nothing has hurt him.

Since there was nothing to worry about in life, no friends, no lovers, he just spent his days studying alone in the library and worked on acing all his tests and finals. Thus he became this idol figure to everyone, someone they wanted to become.

Len scowled at the thought, a hand ran through his blonde hair--which was getting rather long in his opinion, he had to put it up in a ponytail now!

"Who needs friends anyway?" he would say to himself, "Even more so, a lover." his voice rang of pure venom when he spoke of love, the only love he didn't hate was shown was for his father, the one who raised him alone.

He was a boy who learned at a very young age, to love is to hurt. He was taught that love is an optional thing. So he followed this rule, and his thorns grew spiker.

This was the life of Len Kagamine, the life of the beautiful but dangerous rose.

This all changed when he had met the bird. She was a dancer, who had just recently moved into his neighborhood, and he was slightly interested in the tumors going on about her.

Jazz, acting, and ballet was her life, so they said, and that she came from Orlando Florida all the way in America, but she was from Kyoto when she was little.

That her grades could match his any day. Was this girl all that magnificent?

What was her name? Ah, Miku Hatsune. He's never met nor seen her. It didn't really matter if he had not seen her, or met this new girl that seemed to be taking all his fame away, Len never cared for such fame anyways.

However she did interest him a tiny bit, and the curious feeling growing in his stomach seemed to make him grow even more anxious.

"I heard she has teal hair!" one girl from his class had exclaimed excitingly to her friend, sitting next to her. It was lunch then, and this whole rumor thing was getting out of hand.

The new girl rarely got around, but when she did walk through the halls, it was in the building across from his classroom. That's where all her classes were, and he couldn't help but feel a little disappointed.

The classroom was too noisy, and he was trying to study for finals. With a grunt he got up, grabbed his school bag and bento, and rushed out of his classroom door. He was going to go someplace quieter for the day.

Ah, peace and quiet at last. He sat down in an empty small courtyard where hardly anyone goes, because well--it was just an unpopular place in the back of the school buildings, and it wasn't very big either.

However, Len enjoyed such a place, he grabbed out his bento he had bought at the gas station before school and began to eat while going through the pages of his textbooks and notes.

It was all peace and quiet until--Len jumped at the sudden sound. It happened so fast, all he could see was the excess leaves from the tree fall onto a figure. He stood up to go investigate, and his eyes widened when he saw the color teal.

- : -


tah-dah! here's a small portion of my first one-shot, this is unfinished because I still never thought of the perfect tragic ending to this. The ending is supposed to be romantic, sad, and very very tragic.

so I may update this soon, but I will move onto the next one-shot before I do.

if any of you have any ideas you can share about this one-shot, please comment! :)

thank you for the votes!! bye now!

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