#23 Twin Obsessions

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Chapter 23:

Waking up with a smile on her face is something Jesse had never done in all her twenty-six years. It felt odd yet so right at the same time, especially with the feeling of bone-deep contentment, of utter peace and happiness filling her to the brim.

All these feelings made her feel better than she had in a very long time.  


Like a phoenix, she felt reborn but the fire that had birthed her had been that of a sexual inferno which had exploded from deep inside her.

She felt like her old self now than she had ever before.  And lighter, so much more lighter, and ready to do anything she wanted, however she wanted to do it, and taking on whoever thought to tell her any differently.

Lifting her hands over her head, Jesse pointed her toes and stretched her body to its limits, the blankets covering her naked body sliding sensuously off of her. But she didn't really notice it happening. No, she was too focused on the way her well used body was protesting against such an exercise and reveling in how the muscles that she didn't even know was used during sex cramped slightly.

Face flushing slightly at the images flashing in her head of what had happened the night before, Jesse turned onto her stomach so that she could press her burning face into her pillow. The scent of Devlish, Nauti and sex, musky and fresh, filled her nose and she groaned as her stomach clenched in the renewed need to have them both again. To feel them both shoved so far inside of her that she couldn't tell where the one started and where the other one ended. To lose herself in the rhythm they created together with her and to lick the sweet taste of their sweat from their bodies as they pressed her close between them.

No one had ever made her feel the way they did and no one had ever wanted her as much as they obviously did. 





All those things they had ever made her feel had come back ten-fold and all at once but mostly they made her feel primitive, almost animalistic, with the need to have them. A need that helped block all thoughts of insecurities and what-if worries. A need that had helped to drown out that annoying little voice in the back of her head that shouted at her between moments of respite that she should to run to the bathroom and lock herself in there until she either died or the twins just somehow disappeared while she still had the chance.

That voice was also drowned out by her moans and screams and by their groans and shouts, Jesse thought with a wide, satisfied smile.

Not that locking herself in the bathroom was much of an option now anyway. The muted sound of water running let her know that at least one of the twins were busy in her shower.

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