Chapter 10: Protective

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Author's Note: OMG! 10 chapters you guys, I'm on fireyaaaaahhh!!! BTW This pic was from the old production of the movie and Nick is tugging his ears which is KAWAII!!

Nick's P.O.V.

We waited, we didn't know what to expect. Being trapped in darkly lit room was terrifying to the kids. I'll admit, it was spooky. "Excuse me, Mister Wilde, what's gunna happen to us?" Lullabear asked as she gently tugged at the bottom of my shirt. Before I could respond, Bongo began to cry, he was scared. Lullabear rushed over to her brother and embraced him in a warm hug. "I... I don't know yet." I said softly. "So what? We're just gunna sit here on are butts and do nothing!?" Cody said sarcastically. "Cody! Are kidding me? Now is not a great time for your sass. Surely Mister Wilde will think of something, right?" Bagheera asked looking hopeful towards me. I wasn't sure what to do. "I don't have a plan yet, but I can assure you that if something happens, I'll be there to protect you. No matter what." I spoke confidently. "Yeah! Let's not lose faith in Nick, with him by our side, we're sure to be safe. He's very protective towards my sister who is also his girlfriend." Juniper added proudly. I smiled warmly towards the young bunny. "Come on guys, I think it's getting late." I said while stifling a yawn. Bagheera, Cody, Lullabear, Bongo and Juniper crowded around me and nestled closely to me as the slowly drifted to sleep. I on the other paw, stayed up. I didn't want anything to happen to them while they were asleep.

An hour had passed and the metal door quietly creaked open. My ears flicked towards the door, I didn't move. Anton stepped in, dressed in the same beige trench coat and bowler hat. I looked at him with anger and hatred. "Well fox, I guess you deserve answers but, not all of them." He said quietly. I noticed that he was trying to keep the conversation between us. "Yeah, that would be so great you fat cat." I taunted. He growled but held back for reasons I don't know what are. "You're probably wondering why I wanted your names. Huh?" He inquired. I pondered his question, I was in fact curious to why the info of our names were needed. Maybe it was a sick joke to tell the public after they killed us but I was mostly hoping it was something far less extreme. I waited for his response. "It's simple, you see, without names, we wouldn't be able to grab the full attention of the public unless they knew who's lives were at stake." He drawled on. "Get to the point." I snapped but in a hushed tone. "Tut tut, temper temper. Wouldn't want to do anything we'd regret later now would we?" He taunted me. I tensed up with annoyance. This panther was already on my nerves with his silly guessing games, why couldn't he just get straight to the fricking point? "Well, I'm gunna tell you now, your presence bores me quite much. Again, it's simple, we're ransoming you six for money." Anton sneered. Well at least it wasn't that one scenario. But, still, if he didn't get the money he might kill us or worse, torture us slowly until he gets what he wants. Anxiety began to take place in my system but I kept my cool. Anton left, laughing evilly as he locked the metal door behind him. I relaxed, knowing he was gone for now. I nestled a bit, shifting slightly trying to be comfortable, and dozed off into sleep.

Juniper's P.O.V.

I heard, everything, and I was scared. I mean at least we weren't gunna get seriously hurt I think, I hope not. Nick fell asleep after that Anton guy left. I wouldn't blame him, he deserves a rest. I laid there, thinking over and over again. 'Does Judy know that we're gone, is she looking for us and will she ever find us?' I worried more and played out possible scenarios in my head. I missed my mama and daddy. I wonder if they even noticed I'm gone, considering I have over 200 siblings so they might not realize that they're missing one kid. I kept thinking over and over again, 'Can anybody hear me I'm hidden underground?'

Author's Note Again: Dang I'm so happy for all of the support you guys, really, I am. Also the last thought from Juniper is based off a song called "Tag You're It" by Melanie Martinez, it's actually about a girl trying to escape a guy who's trying to kidnap her, I recommend you listen to it, it's catchy. Until next time guys, stay tuned for more, bye!

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