Superman Stole My Panties - My Darkest Shawdow

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Author's Note: Okay so this is for Superman stole my panties story. We had a lot of fun writing this hope you enjoy it.

Superman Stole My Panties – My Darkest Shadow

The same radio station I’ve come accustomed to the past couple of weeks plays through Jake’s speakers. Looking out the window, I watch the scenery pass in a blur as Jake speeds away from school. Glancing at him I see his face a mask of concentration as he stares ahead at the road. He takes one hand of the steering wheel placing it on my knee and his thumb traces circles against my skin. He opens his mouth as if to speak but then shuts it quickly. After a few more tries, he sighs as just to get it over with.

 “Look, Avery I have some bad news about our plans for tonight,” I turn to him with a questionable look planted on my face. “I have to cancel because something’s come up. I’m really sorry, can we do it tomorrow night?” He asks hopefully.

He looked generally sorry and with a strange feeling of disappointment, I shake my head a strand of hair falling in front of my eyes, I brush it back impatiently.  “I can’t. I’m working tomorrow night, maybe next week?"

He nods giving me a smile that doesn’t reach his eyes. He retrieves his hand from my knee pulling into my driveway. Turning to face him I give him a quick, fleeting kiss before turning back and stepping out of his car. I wave him off until he disappears from sight then unlock the door to my house.

“Hey Grandma!” I shout throwing my bag onto the kitchen chair. Looking at the table I see a note and I frown when I don’t recognise Gran's writing.  Picking it up apprehensively, I notice that it’s got my name sprawled across it in red ink. A feeling of dread takes hold of me. Nervously I trace my fingers over the delicate writing.

With shaking hands, I open it.

You have betrayed me Avery.

You think you can just see other guy’s and think that I won’t care, well you are truly mistaken. You are mine and mine alone. It makes me so angry that you would make me feel like this I thought you were better than this Avery.

This is why I have made a little arrangement to discuss your behaviour. You see I thought that the only person who you really listen to is your Grandma, so I thought we could discuss this with her.

Don’t tell anyone about our little meeting or your beloved Grandma will pay the consequences.

Meet us at 7 o’clock in the school gym.

Hope to see you there.

Yours forever,


The note flutters out of my hands. I can’t breathe; bending double I clutch at my stomach as if to be sick but thankfully I skipped out on lunch. I didn’t want it to believe it. I couldn’t bring myself to believe it. Gulping in deep breaths, I stand up on shaky legs and bolt to my Grandma’s room. My eyes widen in horror at the scene before me. Bed sheets ripped from the bed, her lamp fallen from the table and her coffee cup smashed on the floor with the cold liquid staining the carpet. I sink to the floor. Emotions slash though me leaving me helpless, a small sob escapes my lips.

How could anyone do this? Why would someone be so cruel?

I try to reel my emotions back in. Taking large gulps of air, I try to bring myself to stand up and face what I had to do.   


Wrapping my tense arms over my torso, I pull my jacket closer around myself to trap some warmth close to my body. I push open the door to the school gym briefly hoping that the doors would be locked but to my disappointment, it opens smoothly and I find myself stepping into the bitter cold room.

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