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Left Hand Free by alt-J 

❝ Hey flower you're the chosen one, 

well you're left hand's free and your right's in a grip 

With another left hand, watch his right hand slip, towards his gun  ❞

Fire Meet Gasoline by SIA 

❝ It's dangerous to fall in love, 

but I want to burn with you tonight ❞

How I Look For You by Juliette Commagere 

❝ How I look for you, how I hold my head up

it's of no use ❞

Bullet Train by Stephen Swarts ft. Joni Fatora 

❝ Moving like the speed of sound, feet can't keep on the ground

can't stay in one place  ❞

Castle Walls by T.I ft. Christina Aguilera

❝ Everyone thinks that I have it, but it's so empty

living behind these castle walls  ❞

Roses by The Chainsmokers ft. ROZES 

❝ Taking it slow, but it's not typical

He already knows that my love is fire ❞


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