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Niall watched wide eyed as the handsome man he was well familiar with, walked in his direction. He inwardly cursed at Harry for not being there for him right when the blonde needed his boyfriend the most. Clenching his legs together tightly, Niall frowned at the brown eyed made as he chuckled a bit to himself, taking the slice of pizza which was dangling from between Niall's lips and without any hesitation, he started chewing on it, making Niall whine at the loss of the cheesy delight. 

"Give me my fucking food back," He hissed, glaring daggers at the man's hands which were manhandling the poor pizza. Niall could feel his breath becoming labored as he tried to calm himself down, watching the pizza disappear when the man finally finished eating it. 

"Still feisty," The guy chuckled making shivers run down Niall's spine and he prayed again and again, for Harry to just fucking come here already. What the hell was taking that curly haired frog so fucking long!?

"Still cocky. Now give me my food back," The blonde made grabby hands towards the box of uneaten pizza, watching the brunette man push them to the side, away from Niall's reach which just made the blonde frown more. 

"Why are am I here and why are you doing this?" He asked, getting tired of chasing around the box of pizza and really, there was not much he could do while being tied up like this. The chair was uncomfortable, the room lacked a bloody AC, all the other men were way too quiet and even Lana's voice was carefully turned off which added to the dull and dreary atmosphere. At times Niall wished he never left the confinement of his own house, the world was too risky for him, especially ever since he made relations official with Harry Styles. Damn him for being a bloody gangster. He could've opened a bakery or been a stripper, something that didn't involve holding a gun and making drug deals or killing people. Niall would have paid for a strip show to be honest and just the thought made him a little bit wet. Ugh, virgin kitty problems. 

"You're here because I want you to be here and I'm doing this because I can," he rolled his eyes, glaring at the room as if just his glare would blow the entire hideous room up and burn it into flames. He struggle to get the rope around his legs to weaken a bit but sighed and deflated back into his seat when nothing happened. 

"Harry will kill you," Niall huffed, staring at the wall clock. He had already been here for six hours now, six excruciatingly boring hours. The Styles brat was going to pay for taking his sweet time. No sex for another year. 

"He can't even touch me. I'm with Yaser and Yaser happens to be the king in the underground world right now." The older man chuckled, getting a chair to sit right in front of Niall, making the blonde struggle further in his seat, just wanting to run away from his presence. 

"While you're at it, draw me a bloody food chain chart and just place yourself at the bottom level. Under my Jimmy Choo's, yeah?" Niall rolled his eyes, smirking when he heard gun shots being fired. Finally, he said to himself, letting the giddiness and the butterflies fill his stomach. His heart started beating loudly as he thought of what he would do once he reached the safety of his home. First, he was going to whip and spank Harry. Yes, that needed to be done. Nobody should leave their sexy, blonde boyfriend unattended for six hours. That should be a bloody crime. Second, he was going to get into his comfortable white kitty pajamas, something Harry bought for him during his kitten-addiction phase. Niall was glad that Harry liked at least one kind of pussy. 

The bang on the door broke him out of his thoughts but Niall smirked when he saw this beautiful, handsome boyfriend standing on the doorway, with his two sidekicks by his side. It was the typical mean girls entry for Niall and he could even hear the cliche music playing in the background. 

"You're late," He mumbled, pouting at Harry who cast him an apologetic smile before shrugging as if he couldn't help it. Twenty spanks, Niall wondered to himself, gritting his teeth to prevent the evil smile from breaking out. 

"Mr. Payne, why would you get my boyfriend here?" Harry asked, confused as he took in the face of the man sitting in front of Niall, his chair way too close for normal distance. He had seen the man making eyes at his beautiful boyfriend but had chosen to brush it aside. Everyone was always star stricken under Niall's presence, Harry felt that Liam was also one of those people. He needs to be more careful specially since Niall knows shit about self defense. Harry often feared that it would be the blonde's smart mouth which would end him once and for all. 

"We had some matters to discuss. I fed him and even made sure his favorite singer was playing," Liam smiled, ruffling Niall's hair up a bit as the blonde hissed like a dangerous kitty. Still cute but dangerous. 

"You ate my pizza and Lana's music was turned off the moment you entered the room, ya fucking cunt," The blonde rolled his eyes, shuffling on his seat as he waited for Harry to signal one of his men to get him out of these extremely uncomfortable ropes. 

Once he was finally released, Niall shook his legs like a bull ready to charge before walking over Liam. He took in the man's face and noticed countless changes. While the Liam he knew had a lean body, this one was extremely buff but handsome nonetheless. Niall could feel drool escaping his mouth and he quickly wiped it away. It's not nice to drool on other men when your boyfriend is in the same room as you. Plus, Harry had a gun so it was better to be safe than sorry. 

"Don't kidnap me again or I will personally hunt you down and make a necklace out of your tiny little fingers which I'll proudly wear around to all the parties Harry takes me too. I'll make you choke on your own spit," He glared hard, patting the older man's shoulders a bit as he gave them a sneaky squeeze. Damn, he's hot, Niall wondered to himself, pouting when he had to remove his hand from the warm area.

"I will kidnap you again and you won't say a word because I know your little secret," Liam whispered, making sure Harry did not hear a single word of what he was saying. 

"Oh please, that's not really going to be secret once Harry is banging into my kitty like there's no tomorrow," Niall winked. 

AN/ Let me start off by saying that I'm sorry that I didn't update in such a long time. 2 weeks only but still it felt like 2 years. :(

Did you guys see what those "fans" did to Niall? Honestly, they don't even deserve to be called fans. They are nothing but filthy little attention seeking haters. Honestly, it's sad how people just think it's alright to harass someone and go as far as calling their family names. Those girls are honestly so bloody disgusting. These people just make me wanna commit a few murders. #noregrets. 

Back to the story though:

Thoughts on Liam? 

Is Harry gonna get some? Finally? 

Thoughts on Niall spanking Harry? I would love to see that happen! Dominant bottom Niall rising! 

Thoughts on Liam stealing Niall's pizza? 

Thoughts on where the fuck is Louis? 


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