Oh My God! Not Another Arranged Marriage Story! emo chick + preppyish guy = CHAOS!!!

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Chapter 1.

"Miranda!" My mom screamed, from downstairs, at the top of her lungs. She'd been trying to wake me up for the last half hour. But it's not my fault, I HATE MORNINGS.

Reluctantly I crawled out of my nice, warm covers and headed to my closet. It was huge, and I was probably one of the only things I liked about my house. It was just too big. My parents were majorly rich and were rarely home. They always had to work, so I was usually at home with my brother. While they loved them, I hated showy things. Why always show off what you have, and other people don't? It's just selfish in my opinion.

"Yeah, yeah! I'm up!" I yelled. I walked into my closet and picked out my favorite black skinny jeans, my white and black razored tank top that said "I'm hot, you know you want me", and my black converse. I half ran to my bathroom, and got in the shower. I took my time, enjoying the smell of my favorite strawberry shampoo. The shower was over all too soon, and I got out, dressed quickly, and did my makeup.

And before anyone asks, YES, I am Emo. I have straight, blackish-brown hair. I have hair a lot like Hayley Williams', only mine's blackish not red, and is kind of scene. I'm pretty skinny, but not too skinny. I'm about 5'3. Haha, I know. I'm a shorty. I consider myself pretty, I know a lot of girls are prettier than me, but I think I'm decent looking, though I have a pale complection.

But no, I don't cut or anything like that. It's just stupid. I don't know why people would want to hurt themselves. But whatever, I have no right to judge. Hurrying, I ran out of my room and smack dab into my brother!

"Jeesh, Chris! Watch where I'm going!" I joked. He smiled, and chuckled a bit.

"I'm so sorry! Please, please spare me!" He laughed. I playfully punched him in the arm, and we headed downstairs.

I made a piece of toast, grabbed my bag, and waited by the door for Chris.

"Hurry up you hobo! We're going to be late for school again!" My brother Chris is 17, and will be 18 in like 6 months. He drives us to school every day, because he's awesome like that. Our parents are like almost never home, because they have to work. So me and him are very close. He's one of my best friends.

He walked out of the kitchen and ruffled my hair.

"Patience my young grasshopper." He said, while chewing some kind of food. He walked out of the house and to our 4 car garage. We got in his Mercedes Benz. (Ewww, fancy!)

A couple minutes later we arrived at school. Our high school was HUGE. Dalton High School. I got out and told my brother I'd talk to him later, then headed off to find my best friend in the entire world, Roselyn.

"Randi!" And then, she jumped on my back. She always calls me Randi.

"Ello my love" I told her. Then she jumped down and hugged me. ( Don't worry. We're not lezbo's or anything. We're just very close.)

"So, what's on the agenda for today?" She asked. I thought for a minute.

"Hmm... Wanna crash the mall?" Yes, we did things like this. I can't help it though, it's fun.

"Definitely. Crashing the mall is always a fun time." She smiled. She was very pretty, and small like me, I'm surprised she doesn't have a boyfriend at the moment. She was Emo also, and wasn't a cutter either. I heard the first bell ring, and walked with her to my locker. Luckily her's was right beside mine.

"Ugh, I don't want to go home tonight. Hey, can I crash at your place?" I asked.

"Um, you know you don't even have to ask. You're always welcome at my place, and my mom even loves you. I think she might love you more than she even loves me." She laughed. I joined in her laughing.