Chap 10 P.2

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Recap: That's when the darkness swallowed me.

Nash's P.O.V (morning at school)

After I left the twins and made it look like I hate Kylie, I went over to Jay and Ben before anyone else.

"Yo, Jay, Ben I need a favour from you guys." I said. They nodded their heads 'yes' and followed me to the oval.

I explained everything to them and they said they would help.

The whole day between classes we kept an eye on Malia and her friends until we lost her at lunch.

We were sitting at the table when I realised I hadn't seen Malia, two cheerleaders and six jocks.

All of a sudden the door to the cafeteria burst open, which caused everyone to look, and there stood Hayes, searching for someone. That was until his eyes landed on me.

"NASH, I NEED HELP. ITS KYLIE!" He shouted. Everyone turned towards me, considering how fast I stood up when he said 'Kylie'.

Jay, Ben and I ran with Hayes, who told us Will and Cam were waiting out the front door for us and who was hurting Ky.

Once we got outside and met up with Cam and Will, two of the jocks had her pinned down, while the other four and the girls were getting ready to beat her.

I'm pretty sure they heard us coming because they turned towards us and smirked, then they started to beat her.

As soon as they kicked her ribs, Hayes fell to the ground, holding his ribs in pain. Ben dropped to the ground next to him, and rocked him back and forth trying to ease his cries and screams of pain.

Everyone in the school was here including some people who heard the commotion. Someone called the cops, but we weren't gonna wait for them. 

We ran over trying to pry them off, but they wouldn't budge. We only managed to get the girls of, just as the cops got here and pulled the guys off her.

As soon as they were pulled off, Will ran over to our baby sister, who was laying in a pool of her own blood. He gently grabbed her head and put it in his lap.

"HAYES, I NEED HAYES, PLEASE!" Ky screamed. "Ky" Hayes yelled back. He got up off the ground and out of Bens arms despite the pain he is currently in.

When he reached Kylie, he grabbed her from Will and cradled her to his chest.

I could see her eyes becoming droopy.

"NO, NO, NO." I could see Hayes whispering something to her. Then he shouted. "HELP, SOMEONE. IM LOSING HER." That's when the started to get closer.

She gently out her hand on the side of his face and dried his tears with the pad of her thumb. They both said something to each other. Hayes' eyes widened as her hand dropped and her eyes closed. "NO" he yelled.

I quickly went and picked her up and then put her on a gurney. They rushed her into the ambulance while Will went with them. Hayes, Cam, Ben, Jay and I took my car and followed the ambulance to the hospital.

Hayes' P.O.V

*At lunch*

All day I have been by Kylie's side telling anyone saying snide remarks or shoving her to back off. I never imagined that the bullying was this bad.

Kylie and I were just sitting outside, eating lunch and joking around. When she suddenly freezes and her eyes fill with fear. I followed her pointed gaze and saw Malia, two cheerleaders and six jocks.

When she told me to get Nash, I hesitated, but quickly ran to get him. On the way I called Will and told him to call Cam and to get down to the school ASAP.

I hang up then ran faster than I ever have before. Once I got to the cafeteria I slammed the doors open, which caused everyone to look at me.

My eyes scanned the crowed cafeteria in search of Nash. I caught his gaze and shouted at him telling him that it was about Kylie.

He stood up so fast when I said 'Kylie' that his chair fell back, which caused everyone to turn their gazes on him.

We ran with Ben and Jay, while I told them what happened and who was hurting her.

As we got closer what I saw made my heart brake and my blood boil. My twin, scared and defenceless, being held down by two jocks. The other four jocks and the three cheerleaders were about to beat her.

I guess they heard us coming, since they looked our way and smirked.

Next thing I know, I'm on the ground, holding my ribs in pain. Ben stops and drops to the ground, holds me, rocking me back and forth, whilst I'm screaming and crying out in pain.

***skip to hospital***

Kylie has been in hospital for a few hours and still hasn't woke up. As for the people who beat her and a bully her they have gone to jail for 10 years.

I'm sitting beside Kylie holding onto her hand, silent tears falling down my face.

Sorry I haven't updated in a while but here is part 2 to chapter 10. Hope you enjoy it

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