Kuroo Tetsuro

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"We're like the blood in our veins. We must flow without stopping. Keep the oxygen moving and your mind working."

"A "personal time difference attack"! It's an offensive technique we can't use yet, but if we practice it a lot from here on out, around the time we're in high school, I'm sure that it'll become one of our most magnificent special moves!"

"You and Lev are like oil and water; you guys don't mix very well."

"Isn't it more fun having enemies you can't seem to beat?"

"Then, isn't it best to attack before being attacked? They do say offense is the best defense, right?"

"I'm always this kind.*hinata and tsukishima look at kuroo* You don't have to look at me like that..."

"Well then, if shorty were your practice partner as an opponent, it would get you motivated too, wouldn't it?"

"When you're watching one of shorty's matches, your face looks the same way it does when your starting a freshly-bought game, y'know?"

"This guy is the crafty type."

"See ya in the finals scrub!"

"So don't quit, alright? The current 1st and 2nd years know how incredible you are. The team is defitnetly stronger because of you."


"Oya oya oya"

"And then, make this annoying owl shut up!"

"I'm to busy wipping this guy into shape."

"Well, I wouldn't have thought that... Karasunos's shrimp is definitely strange and a threat, but in terms of technique and experience, he's like a baby bird. Plus he's really short. I never would've thought guy with glasses, who's far taller and much smarter, would not only think they're not equal, but actually think the shrimp is above his level."

"Always something new, huh?"

"I want to make the Battle at the Garbage Dump a reality. It's what our coach wants more than anything. But who knows how much longer our coach is going to continue coaching? So because of that, we need you guys to keep winning, too. Well, it's practice for me, as well, so don't sweat the small things."

"But just because the aces are the top three, doesn't mean that their teams are, as well."

"You talk big, for being the top two for sucking."

"Talk like that, and the little shrimp is gonna hog all the glory."

"I was sure you'd notice. You also tend to lose sight of your surrounding when you're fired up."

"I can't believe you don't get bored playing that thing everyday. If you've got that much free time, let's practice volleyball!"

"Watching Lev is kinda fun, isn't it."

"I don't need to resort to such cheap tactics to be tall~ For your imformation, I'm still growing at an alarming rate and I'm at the right side of 180cms thank you very much."

"Now lets talk about you shall we... Have all your emotional scars healed after getting dumped by Shika-chan, I mean having to go through such an ordeal right before a match... This is such bad timing..."

"They don't sound like high schoolers. But you on the other hand, maybe you should go a little crazy, like a high schooler."

"Ah, youth."

"Inuoka's 20cm taller than you, and yet you've played an even match. That's amazing, shrimpy."

"That sure was amazing. Those guys are what you call superhuman. Okay, then... Let's get that point back."

"I to~tally get it, I really do... Your motivation for targeting the weakest player and all..."

"No one's buying your annoyed act, you demon senpai."

"You played against them but you still don't get it do ya'? You played right into their hands, fell for it hook, line, and sinker!"

"He may give off the impression of a cat but there's defitnetly a snake underneath there... He's a walking contradiction."

"Well at the very least, in this match Lev's distinctive play-style has manifested itself, be it by stroke of luck or not... So we've also got that silver lining."

"I heard that Karasuno's taken down the almighty Ushiwaka, and they've made it through to nationals! We can't afford to lose here now!!!"

"Once Bokuto finds his rhythm, were going to have trouble stopping him. When he's playing at his best, he's got the skills and arsenal of a top three national player. Whatever happens...  We can't let Bokuto find his groove."

"As usual, he draws the attention of the entire gymnasium..."

"It's not always a good thing to be the center of attention, ya know...? I'm just about to put a damper on your high spirits so sit tight and wait for it."

"Well damn it, I mean, on the days Bokuto is all over the place with his straights, saying he's hitting them ba~dly is the understatement of understatement."

"I gotta say, this kind of honest and idiotic side of you is pretty endearing. It's true that if you can block and stuff like, baaam, it feels pretty great and all... You can even look like a hero sometimes."

"Well yeah... I guess it's important. A team is a complicated thing. You have to mesh your strengths together so that you act like a single, cohesive unit. It's asking alot. It's not really "the nail that sticks out must be hammered in" kind of issue, it's more like, uhh, how do I put it.. Uhhnn.. That moment when you feel yourself clicking to the rest of the team... Will put you in a state of euphoria... That words can't even describe."

"I can't count the number of times we made life difficult for you, Yakkun... As penance, it's perfectly okay for you to watch our team's victory every now and agin, don'tcha think?"

That guy you called an "unsteady shorty" is our "backbone", "brain", and "heart".

"How would you have a strategy that always works against an opponent? The ball... Even though it only counts for one point, but at some point, this one point can completely turn the situation around whether a team is fired up or is in the verge of giving up, if an opportunity appears, and you win that point, that 1 point can surpass even 100 other points."

"Oh my, my, it would appear as though someone has a really bad case of the shakes, Sa'a'mura-san?"

"That aside, your number 10 back there, looks rather like someone who just randomly stumbled into this whole event... Ya think he's gonna fold under all this pressure?"

"That horned owl bastard sure doesn't know when to shut up."

"Of course the coolest way is the best way."

"You just don't get it... Must be tough still being in diapers... Listen up, you lil' brat! Though read blocks are a type of block built upon self-control and perseverance, there also the kind of block that gets the last laugh."

"Hey, short-ass. You wouldn't be forgetting about our resident "brains" now, would you?"*from an extra chapter*

"Oooh, would'ya look at that. The freakish duo's really heating up the crowd."

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