Hayes Grier ☆

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I pulled up to the address I had written down, on some random paper. I hated school projects with others, I would rather work on it by myself. Plus, I could get a better grade if I did all the work. I probably would have to do all the work considering who I was paired with Hayes Grier, the schools so called "bad boy." He was so ignorant, blasting his music in his car driving around the school parking lot. He was the kind of person who "is too cool for school." I walked up to the front door and rung the doorbell. After standing there for a few minutes, I rung it again. The door opened moments later, to a groggy Hayes only wearing boxers.

"What, the hell. Are you doing here so early?"

He asked, squinting his eyes from the sun, it was obvious that he had just woken up.

"It's 11 am, and unlike you, most people are up about this time." I say, walking into his house. He closed the door after me, and started to walk up the stairs. I waited at the bottom, but turned my head to look at him when he asked.

"Aren't you coming?"

"Where are we going?" I asked him.

"To my room." He stated, and started to walk up the stairs again. I hesitantly walked up the stairs, I've never been in a bedroom before. Hell, I've never even been in a boys house before. I walked around the corner into Hayes room, which was surprisingly clean.

"You can sit down." Hayes said, his voice pulling me back to what was really happening.

"Oh, um, okay." I say, sitting on the other side of side of his bed. I set my backpack down next to me as I pull out papers for the project. I glanced up at him, seeing that he was watching my every move.

"Ar-are you gonna put some clothes on?' I ask, trying not to focus on his exposed body.

"Wasn't really planning on to," he said casually. Oh my lord, I was sitting on a boys bed in his house with him, and was boyishly naked despite his boxers.

"Can u ask you something?" He said, once again pulling me out if my thoughts.

"Sure" I say, pulling various papers out of my folder.

"Why do you act so innocent?" He said, making me question if what I just heard was correct.

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"You know what I mean. You act like you don't care, but I know you're trying not to stare. I bet this is something you could only dream about. I bet you wouldn't be this innocent if someone could show you what you were missing." He said, inching closer to me. I stiffened, as Hayes chuckled at what his words were doing to me.

"I'm not making you uncomfortable, am I?" He asked with a smirk.

"Umm, uh no," I say, trying to avoid awkwardness but secretly I kinda want him. He put his lips next to to my ear, " What about now?" He says, moving down to press his lips on my jaw. I let a silent moan slip through my lips. Hayes smirked against my skin, before sucking on my neck. I reached my hand up to run through his hair, the other one resting on his shoulder.

"The good girl got a hickey now," he said smirking. His face was inches away from mines, his eyed closed slightly as his lips hesitantly moved towards mines. His lips brushed up against mines, but I pressed my lips against his. Was I really kissing him? Hell ya I was. Even though I constantly denied it, maybe I kinda did like Hayes. His lips were staring to sync with mines as his hand rested on the small of my back.

"Y/N, you don't... have to do this," he says, pulling away from my lips.

"No, I want to." I say, as a moved my lips up to his ear, "Show me what I'm missing." With His newly found confidence, Hayes grabbed my hips and pushed my onto the bed so he was on top of me. He pressed his lips against mines again, biting the bottom lip softly. His hands roamed to the bottom of my shirt lifting it up. He looked into my eyes, asking for permission which I granted him. He threw the shirt somewhere across the room. The next thing, his hands went for the button of my jeans.

"Tell me if you want to stop." He says against my neck. He continued to strip me from my jeans. Hayes's laips trialed down my chest before unclasping my bra.

"Hayes please." I moaned, nearly surprising myself at what I was saying. I tugged at Hayes's boxers, his member now free. He removed my panties, looking into my eyes. Hayes gave my one last kiss before thrusting into me. He pulled out completely before entering again. He groaned, thrusting faster and faster. I continually moaned his name his name as he hit my g spot. A few more thrust and my walls clenched around Hayes, causing him to cum. Hayes laid beside me, our chest rising and falling.

"So now does this mean....that we're..a.." I was hesitant to even ask the question. I was probably just another one of his one night stands, well typically, day stands. If thats even a term. "If you don't completely hate me now then yes." He says, taking my hand into his. He kissed me on the nose.

"Now that's a project."

So most of you guys want Hayes so here it is. So Happy 25th Birthday to the living/walking meme. DANIEL JAMES HOWELL. Hayes is 16 wow, time flies fast. Umm I really don't have anything to say. But Troye turned 21, my little adorable baby. MY OTHER CHILD IS 25. 2-5. 😢 But like I asked yesterday should I changed my username? I've been considering it, then someone could just have my username I guess. Idk. Anyway Goodnight, Good morning, or Good Afternoon, depending on where you live. Okay bye now 😘

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