Chapter 10

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Cody offers me his hand and I take it. Cody leads me to the ramp and I take my shoes off, assuring myself that I won't get sand in them.

"If I'd known that we were coming to the beach, I would've worn something more appropriate," I say to Cody. Cody laughs.

"It's all fine." How I love that unique accent of his.

Cody and I reach the bottom of the ramp, where Cody puts his hands over my eyes.

I scream. "What's happening?!"

Cody laughs again and leads me a few steps. "Just wait."

I giggle as he leads me down the cool sand. I can hear soft music begin to play as Cody stops and takes his hands off my eyes. What I see is immaculate.

There's a small, round table on a red rug, with candles lit in the centre. There's a chair at either end of the table, plus plates and cutlery laid out on the table with glasses at the top. Alli and a blonde guy stand a couple of metres away from the table at a more rectangular table with assortments of grey lids over what I'm guessing are probably plates or serving dishes.

"Hello, miss," says Alli, walking up and greeting me. "My name is Alli and that is Jake." She motions to the blonde guy. "We will be your servers for tonight. Whatever you want, you get it."

I laugh and take Cody's hand. He leads me to one seat and pulls it out for me. I sit down as he takes his seat at the other end of the table.

"This is so..." I struggle to think of a suitable word, "amazing. No words can describe this."

"Best date ever?" Cody asks, shuffling in his seat.

"You bet," I say, "I've never actually been on a date before, so for a first date, you've done well."

Cody laughs. "Glad to hear that." He winks at me and Jake approaches, holding a serving dish with a metal lid on top.

"Good evening, lady and gentleman," he says, "Tonight for your entrée we have," he pulls the lid off the dish, "prawn crackers and chips."

I laugh at the very burnt chips and almost perfect prawn crackers as Jake, using his tongs, picks them up and places them gently on my plate. Alli comes up with some salt and pepper and offers to spread it over my chips.

"Okay," I say. Funny how we've barely met and we can already communicate without talking. Must be a girls' talent.

"So tell me a bit more about yourself!" Cody says, "what do you want to do for a living? What are some of your wishes for the future?"

I eat a chip. "When I graduate school, I really want to become a teacher, particularly for kindergarten kids."

"That's good," Cody says, "What about your wishes?"

That's got me a bit stumped. "I really want to have a daughter named Agnes. Like Agnes off of Despicable Me. I love her."

Cody laughs. "Agnes is such a cutie. I bet she'd be a clone of you. Apparently I'm like a clone of my dad."

I eat some of my prawn crackers. "I bet you are."

Cody smiles at me as he finishes his entrée. How did he eat that so fast? I look down at my half empty plate and slowly finish it as Cody talks about his life.

"I wanted to be a swimming champion," he says, "but now I'm a singer, and I'm fine with that."

I finish my meal and hand the plate to Jake. "When I was little," I begin, "I really wanted to own a unicorn store. Sell unicorns to people. I cried for days when mum told me unicorns weren't real."

Cody laughs as Alli places the main course in front of him - spaghetti bolognese, my favourite.

"And your favourite, miss," Alli says, placing my plate in front of me.

I gape. How does she know that?

Cody, noticing my surprise, pipes up, "I have my ways."

I smile at him and dig in.

Cody and I talk about our lives as we eat our dinner. Jake serves chocolate pudding and vanilla ice cream for dessert. After I hand my dessert bowl to Jake, my favourite song 'A Thousand Years' comes on on the stereo.

"May I have this dance?" Cody asks, standing up. I look at his eyes and down to his hand, then back to his eyes.

"Certainly." I take Cody's hand and we start to dance. I look into his eyes the whole time.

"I love your eyes," Cody says.

"Thank you," I say.

"Hey there pretty brown eyes, what you doing later tonight?" Cody softly sings.

"I love your music," I say to Cody.

"Then why have you never 'really been a fan'?" he smirks.

I smack his arm gently. "You derp," I say. Cody just laughs.

I lean my head against his chest and sway with him. Something urges me to kiss him, but I know better than to do that on the first date.

Cody drives me home later that night, and I stare at him the whole way there. He glances over at me every now and then, his eyes glistening each time. He smiles at me, too.

I never knew it was so easy to fall for someone.


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