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Third person's POV.
"So what you say about this proposal?" Mrs Naheed said looking at her sister Noreen and brother in law.

There were in deep thinking. Sometime Her sister look at her husband yo find what he is thinking.

"You really want what you are saying?" It was Noreen's husband Qasim asked his sister in law.

"Of course bhai shahab. I'm very sure.look I really wanted to make her my Haider's forever." Mrs naheed said looking at her cute niece who was busy in playing with her doll.

"I know but she is already engaged to Haider.Let these kids grow up then we can.." Mr.Qasim tried to say and convince his sister in law who was so eager to tie their daughter and her son in a knot of marriage.

"Bhai shahab please. Its my request. I don't know why but my heart is saying that this should be done now." She said again looking at her sister and brother in law.

Both Mr and Mrs Qasim look at their daughter who was running holding her doll while Haider was chasing her. Both were laughing.

"I'm gonna get you Haaniyah. you are mine. You can't go far from me." It was Haider saying while chasing her.

"I know Naheed but they are kids. Haider is only 6 and Haaniyah is just 4. How we supposed to do their marriage?" Mrs.Qasim said and before Mrs Naheed could answer anything they heard a voice of someone falling.

"Haaniyah you okay?" Haider was seated in front of her who was crying.

Mrs naheed and Mr and Mrs Qasim came out and saw Haaniyah was crying while Haider was cleaning the wound from her knee.

"Haaniyah don't cry." He was saying while cleaning her wound with his handkerchief.

"Hey Haaniyah you fall!" A voice snap both Haaniyah and Haider out from their own world.

"You! You did this and now you are enjoying." Haider said and stand in front of Kashan and hold his collar.

Both sisters Naheed and Noreen came forward to solve the problem.

"Stop it Haider.what are you doing? He's your brother.leave him" Mrs Naheed asked while holding Haider's hand.

Kashan and Haider were cousins. Both were of same age but they don't like each other. Kashan has to inter fair in every matter of Haider only tease him.

"Mom he pushed Haaniyah and she fall. It was kashan's mistake." Haider said and again was ready to punch him.

"Hold it Haider. Its okay." Haaniyah's mother said.

"No no this is not okay. How he can do this?? He made her cry. I will not leave him." Haider said and in the next second he freed himself from the hold of his mother and punch on Kashan's face.

"Yeah.. Haider hit him again." As Haider punched kashan Haaniyah stands up and start clapping.

Both sisters turned and look at their kids who were already start protecting each other.

"Come you too." Mrs. Naheed said and hold their hands and they all went inside.

But Haider didn't forget to give a death glare to Kashan who was standing there angrily.

"Now go and play there. Don't go out." Haaniyah's mother said and they both hold each other's hand and walked toward the play area where already their siblings were playing.

"I want to tie them in a knot as soon as possible." Again Mrs Naheed said.

"Look Noreen.I don't want any problems in Haider and Haaniyah's life. I want them to be each other's now." She tried one last time.

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