Chapter 9

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I thought I'd try to sneak in another chapter while I had the chance :)


I cry on Cody's shoulder for several minutes while he sings to me. Finally, I straighten up and sit back in my seat. Cody puts his seatbelt back on and pulls back onto the road.

"So," he begins as I quickly check my makeup in the rear vision mirror, "are you going to tell me about what happened to your dad, or are you going to cry again?"

Without thinking, I tell him the story of my dad. "One night, when I was about a month old, dad went out to the pub with some mates," I begin, dabbing one last spot of ruined makeup. "Mum never expected it to happen, but he came home super drunk." I look out my mirror.

"And?" Goodness me, Cody is very persistent!!

"He rarely got drunk. Mum knew him since kindergarten, so there were few occasions when she saw him drunk, and because he hadn't got drunk in a year, she wasn't really worried. But then he came home from work the next night drunk: and the next night. And every other night for the rest of the week."

Cody pulls onto another street. What did your mum do about it?" he asks. Again with the persistence.

"She took him to see a therapist. After about a month, there was no change in dad. Mum was left to look after me all the time, so she had to quit her job. Dad skipped work every now and then to go out drinking, so we ended up with no money. At this point, you'd expect that mum would have given up and left, but she didn't." I pause for a moment. "Mum was persistent on him getting better, so she never left him. After a while, it was finally revealed that I'd 'come unexpectedly' to dad, and he thought that drinking was the only way out of his problems." I dab at another few tears that I'm trying not o force out.

"So your dad didn't love you?" Cody asked. Well, I guess it's more of a statement.

"You could say that. After that announcement, dad just left. He packed his bags, put them in his car and left. He never came back." I start to sob. "I haven't seen him since I was six months old. The only photo I have of him is the only photo of the two of us. Mum hid all of the other photos somewhere and I don't know where they are. And, after all of that, mum and I still somehow manage to be happy. Just the two of us."

Cody pulls the car into a park at the beach an turns off the ignition. I look away from the window that I've been staring out and over to him. Cody wipes one last tear off of my face. He wraps me into another hug, which comforts me. We stay like that for about thirty seconds before Cody gets out and opens the door for me. I make my way over to the sidewalk as he locks the car. Something's not right though...

"You left your lights on," I say to him as he starts to walk to me.

Cody turns around and looks over at the car. "Oh, darn it!" He yells. I laugh as he runs back to the car, unlocks it and turns off the lights. Somehow, I'm glad I got that part of my life off my chest. The only people I've ever told are Ashleigh, Chelsea and Annabelle. I'm glad that Cody is comforting and that he has some understanding. Not all people have that. I'm glad I met him, that's all there is to it.


JESS'S DAD HATES HER!! Well, I never mentioned that he does. But who expected that? What's the bet you all expected him to die, but he didn't I'm just smart that way :) Anyway, sorry this one was short. Will try to make the next one longer.


Sammi xx

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