Barry's P.O.V:
I just witnessed my dad's death. "Now you'll be just like me" Zoom says. I look at him. I pin him to the wall. "You killed him!" I screamed. "Don't forget you fiance" he says. I look and see Skye gagging. She starts coughing up blood. I run to her and Zoom leaves. "Skye. Don't leave me" I say. "Barry. Don't kill Zoom. I see the look in your e-eyes. D-don't do i-t. I l-Love you. Nothing w-will chan-ge th-at" she says. Then I can see her fading away. "No SKYE! Please don't leave me! I'll save you!" I yell.

I get up and bring her to S.T.A.R labs. "Help! Please!" I say sobbing. Henry and Caitlin grab her and put her on the hospital bed. I start sobbing on the ground. Iris comes to me. "Barry she's going to be alright. She's made it through worse. And she's the strongest girl we know. She'll be o-" before she can finish the heart monitor stops. Henry tries to get us out of the room. "No. SKYE!".

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