Barry's P.O.V:
The heart monitor stopped. "Skye!" I scream. "Barry you need to go" Henry says. "No I won't leave her" I say. "Clear" Caitlin says. Skye's body jerks up. The heart monitor still isn't beating. "Clear" Caitlin says. Still no response. "Please Skye" I beg. The heart monitor starts slowly.

"She's okay. But Barry leave this to us" Henry says. "I can't leave her. I love her. I can't and I won't" I say. "Sorry to hear that" a voice says. Then I feel this pain in my back. I turn and see a tranq. Then I fall on the ground.

I wake up to find myself in a cell. I see Cisco, Joe, and Iris on the other side. "Guys let me out" I say. "Barry. They need to save her. You need to calm down. They will save her Barry" Joe says. "I can't be calm, when I see the love of my life die right in front of me. Please let me out" I beg.

"Sorry Bar. We all decided this is the best thing for you" Iris says. I scoff. I put my head on the glass. "I want to see her. Please let me out" I say. The shake they're heads no. Then the door starts to close. I bang on it. "Let me out!" I scream.
They ignore me. Then the door closes. I fall down the ground. I feel tears forming in my eyes. Skye you can't leave me... not now.

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