Meeting For The First Time

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This is an extended version of 'He See's You For The First Time' so don't forget to go back read it for a preview or something lol.

New town. New School. New Home. New People. Same thing happens each and every year. Your parents own their business and it requires them to travel around a lot and visit all the companies and even when you're stationed in one place they're still never home, they're out traveling.

Today was your first day at your new school and you really couldn't care less. Your nerves stopped when you attended your seventh school.

You were sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast by yourself because your parents had apparently left to New York early this morning only leaving a note saying they loved you and would put money in your bank account for dinner.

You washed out your bowl and headed outside to your car and drove to Beacon Hills High where you would be attending school.

You sighed strutting across the car park with a bored expression on your face. You weren't nervous at all, you just wanted the day to end already. You were sick of moving schools all the time.

You pushed open the door and sauntered down the corridor not paying any notice to all the stares you were getting. Your parents had already been to the school to get all your stuff so you had your timetable and you knew where your locker was. You walked towards your locker putting your backpack in and grabbing out your essentials.

You could feel the gaze of someone burning holes into your back. You turned slighlty and saw a guy standing down the hall with black floppy hair and a very attractive uneven jaw. You shot him a wink before slamming the locker shut and turning on your heel and striding away.


It was biology class and you were seated in between the attractive guy that you winked at and another attractive guy who looked like he had ADHD or just too much aderol.

You couldn't find your pen and you were rummaging through your bag when you felt a tap on your shoulder.

You turned your head to face the floppy haired boy. He held his hand out which held a blue pen in it.

You smiled appreciatively "Thanks so much. My name's (Y/N)," You said introducing yourself.

"Scott," He smiled widely introducing himself.

"Miss (Y/L/N) and Mr McCall is there something you would like to share with the class?" Mr Harris questioned you.

You shot one last look at Scott before turning to Mr Harris "Nothing at all Sir,"

You had known the Hale's since you were a toddler and running around in diapers. You were a born werewolf and you lived with the Hale's with your mum and dad.

The day of the fire your parents had been caught in it. You had just escaped and being a young child you just kept running. Until you stumbled upon another pack they took you in and raised you until you were old enough and decided to move back to Beacon Hills

You thought there were no survivors from the Hale house until you stumbled across Cora and Derek in the forest. You had never been so happy and suprised. You moved in with them into Derek's loft.

You had settled into Derek's loft and today you were going to spar him because he didn't believe you could beat the crap out of him.

"Ready to go down Alpha boy," You taunted circling him

"Please (Y/N) I'm all man," he winked playfully at me.

"You wish little boy," You said before launching a punch which he easily caught.

You knew he would catch it so you twisted around planting a round house kick to his cheek. He stumbled back a bit before regaining his posture and launching forward landing a hook to your gut which made you stumble to the ground. You groaned before quickly jumping up and landing a punch to his cheek he returned one and you quickly dropped to the ground swiping his feet from under him and pouncing on him so you were straddling him, your knees on each side of him and your hands pinning his arms above his head.

You stood up winking at Derek before turning and flicking your hair at him.

"Yeah that's right I kicked your ass alpha boy, by the way you have friends at the door. Who by the way look half your age," You smirked flicking your hair at him and walking away winking at the tallest one with the blond curly hair.

Yeah, you were going to like it here just fine.

You grumbled pushing your glasses further up onto the bridge of your nose and turned and slightly glared at Scott McCall and his loud friend Stiles Stilinski.

You were in the library trying to study for you history exam next period but a certain Stiles Stilinski wouldn't stop speaking loudly and it was quite annoying.

"Look some people actually come to the library to study so if you could please just be quite or take your loud conversation somewhere else preferably far from here, that would be absolutely amazing" You finally snapped at the two annoying people.

Scott blushed and nodded whereas Stiles mouth had dropped and was looking at you shocked. You shot him another glare before turning around and continuing your reading.

"Have we seen her before? Is she new? How could I not know her? I'm sure I would've met her already?" You heard Stiles firing questions his best friend.

"She can hear you," You ground out

"Can she give me her number?" He flirted with you

You scoffed slightly blushing turning around hoping to ignore him. But you knew that wasn't going to happen you'd give in soon.

"No, I mean what if you turn into a hairy beast and just start eating everyone," You sarcastically yelled out before bursting out laughing.

You were walking across the lacrosse field after Stiles' and Scott's lacrosse practice and you were talking about what would happen if Scott were to play this weekend for his first time as first string. Apparently Derek a man whom you had met whilst scavenging through the forest with Stiles and Scott looking for Scott's inhaler warmed Scott that playing
could potentially let out the secret.

Stiles and Scott were your best friends you were the three amigos. You did everything together, you'd known eachother since birth and right now the boys were having a very serious conversation about whether or not Scott should play. Which Stiles strongly opposed to but Scott didn't oppose to and you, you were your own women adding your sarcastic comments whenever necessary.

After your recent comment both boys turned shooting you glares which resulted to your laughing starting back up again. Whilst laughing your eye caught a tall figure wearing all black standing among the trees on the edge of the forest.

You smiled brightly waving enthusiastically at him. The boys looked at you weirdly.

"Who are you waving at?"

"Just a friend," You answered before winking at Derek. Who smiled in return.

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