"Chris, please just get off my back about it." I begged as I walked down the street with a phone glued to my ear.

Chris has been my best friend since I was little. We had our ups and downs. More like fucking each other and then not talking for a couple years at a time. It was an interesting pattern we had going but it was finally starting to mellow out. Meaning that we detached any feelings we had from the sexual part of our relationship and we're trying to just be loyal friends for a little while. It was kind of fun to have someone that I could rely on in any circumstance.

Currently he was trying to convince me to find a date for some reason that I couldn't understand. He randomly called me up when I was on my way to his office for lunch. He never explicitly told me what he does for a job, but he works in an office building and wears suits all the time so how interesting could it really be. I used to be a bartender at a really busy down town club, but I got sick of how much I was being harassed, so I quit. Now I work at a smaller gay bar where the people are decent.

Someone bumped into me, causing me to almost drop my phone.
"Chris, I'll be in the lobby in two minutes. We can talk then." I yelled over the exterior noise quickly before hanging up. Sometimes he's such a pain in the ass. I slipped my phone into the front pocket of my pants before tilting my head down. My sweatshirt hood flopped over my eyes, blocking me from having to look at anyone.

It felt like no time had passed by the time I was climbing the marble stairs. The metallic building felt intimidating as it towered above me. I flipped my hood up as I passed the security guard, waving to him slightly. I had been here so many times with Chris by my side that people thought I was just another employee.

"That was three minutes." Chris announced with a smile as he dropped his arm to his side. He had been staring at his watch, timing me, like he always does. He's a complete hard ass with punctuality and honesty. Along with his control freak problem. I flipped him off as I cocked a crooked smile.

"Come on wiener boy." He joked as he wrapped an arm around my shoulder and led me along. He nodded to the security guard as we passed him.

"So have you thought about it?" Chris asked as he bumped the coffee shop door open with his butt.

Most days when we had lunch together, it would be more like caffeine recharge. Our favorite place to go was just the nearby diner. Yes it was dirty and old and run down. But it was quiet and the people were characters and I could smoke like a chimney if I wanted to.

The doorbell was only the first welcoming, followed by the owner. She was on the older side, but not cranky like a normal person would be. She rarely ever talked to us but she was a familiar face that was always smiling. Her son on the other hand was a complete bitch. He never talked to anyone and always left his mom, just walking out the front door like it was no problem.

"Jeremy go put on a pot of coffee." The owner barked. Her son stood up from where he was leaning on the counter, reading a magazine, and disappeared into the back. Chris kept his hand on my shoulder and guided me to our booth in the back of the diner. I quickly pulled my cigarettes, lighter and wallet out of my back pockets and tossed them on the table. I slid in first, Chris right next to me. We were those people that sat side by side instead of facing each other. He liked it and I didn't mind so that was the way it stayed. I kicked my legs up and over Chris' lap so that my feet dangled away from him and I wasn't getting him dirty. He unbuttoned his jacket and shrugged it off. The grey cloth fell behind his torso, revealing his button down. The thin white shirt did nothing to hide all of his colorful tattoos that I, personally, loved.

"So have you thought about what I said?" Chris pressed again. He rolled his sleeves up to his elbows, making him at least 30% hotter. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and dropped it on the table, in too much pain with the way it stabbed me in the hip.

"Okay, so it hasn't even been 15 minutes." I stated as I grabbed a cigarette from the semi-squashed box. I placed it between my lips gingerly. Chris cringed slightly, watching me grab my lighter. I cupped my hands around my face and lit up with the muscle memory I've developed over the years. Once I tasted the first wisps of smoke I relaxed my hands, dropping the one with the liquid flame on table. Despite how I was basically a chain smoker for a good part of my life, it still stung my throat ever so little. I pulled the toxic incense from my mouth and looked Chris in the eye.

"Yeah, so what. It's just a date. It shouldn't take over 15 minutes to say 'sure'." Chris coaxed rather quietly for how his usual volume is. That stubborn dipshit. I sighed as I looked him in the eye. Damn those things are gorgeous. I turned my head away from him as Jeremy dropped two mugs of milky coffee off. He turned on his heels and left without a single word said to us. I sat up for a brief second, grabbing the ceramic cup.

"Why do I need to go on a date?" I inquired. Chris always acts like this. Whenever things got quiet and normal, he would always start acting like there was a huge white elephant in the room that only he could see. He shrugged his shoulders and spun his cup around in circles on the table, looking down.

"Just tell me." I demanded in a hushed tone. Things like this make me lose my temper and get under my skin. Chris looked up at me, a single piece of hair falling from behind his ear and into his face.

"I just think that you should find someone to be romantically involved with." He exhaled slowly as he fixed his hair and looked back down at the coffee.

"Chris you are so full of bull shit... tell me the real reason or I'll change the lock to my apartment." I threatened emptily with a partial snort of laughter. I dropped my cigarette into the empty ashtray that sat on the table and rested my hand on Chris' shoulder. He took a deep inhale.

"My friends-friend needs a date to go to this awards ceremony and I said that I would take them but that's the day I'm flying to my parents and I kind of said that I would find someone else to go and I've already asked everyone else. I told them that you would go and I really need you to follow through on this for me." Chris begged as he slid his coffee away from him and grabbed my hands between his. He kept his eyebrows scrunched together and his mouth in a twisted cringe as he awaited my answer.

"Sure." I responded with ease. I pulled my hand away and grabbed my coffee, taking a quick swig before setting it back down.

"Are you serious? It was that easy?" He asked in defeat as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"Yeah." I said in a matter-of-factly tone. I grabbed my phone and checked the time, seeing 1:28.

"I stress about stress before there's even really stress to stress about." Chris mumbled as he held his head in his hands.

"Something that you should probably stress about is the fact that you gotta be back at work in two minutes." I giggled as I watched Chris slowly raise his head. He turned to me before frantically rolling down and buttoning the sleeves of his shirt. He stood up quickly, dropping my legs from where they were over his thighs. He pulled his wallet out of his pants pocket and quickly tossed a 10 dollar bill on the table before grabbing his jacket and shrugging it back on.

"Meet me at my place late?" He asked in a demanding tone. I watched Chris waddle to the door in his extremely tight pants that made his ass look great.

"Yup." I confirmed as he opened the door and promptly left. Even on the nights when I had work, I would stop by Chris' before going home. Sometimes I would bring take out and we'd just watch a movie. Other times he'd have me stripping the second I closed his front door. More times than not though, we'd just talk for about three minutes before we'd fall asleep in a heap on the couch or bed.

But that's just how things are with us. Not like I minded.

I know I have 3 stories going right now but I've had this idea for longer those stories have been around. ALSO this will be a collab story between Andymotionless_ and myself (MamaDestorya). We will sign off the chapters with who did them. HUGE DISCLAIMER: This story isn't meant to be offensive in any way (to races, sexualities, genders, sexes, certain people or bands). This first chapter may be shit but oh well. Btw... falling in love with Supernatural. And with that.... Mama Destroya signing off.

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