Within the Ocean's View

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Gentle sound of crashing waves

Such a peaceful, melodic chime

Very slow and painful days

Not even this can brighten my time

Silent wind blowing as a breeze

Saying unknown words

What have I done wrong?

I beg of you to let me know

Hear my silent plea!

Tears roll down my face,

Because there's nothing left to say.

I subconsiouscly slow my pace

And say goodbye to those wonderful days

Soft sand between my toes

Yet everything has become so hard

I accidentally let everything go

And even life is starting to part

I look up to the early sun

And I wonder how it can shine so bright

If everything here has grown so dull

And it's even lost its light

Clouds in the sky

They move ever so gently

Yet inside I want to die

Life's become so deadly

I step on the moist shore

And let the cool water freshen my skin

Yet suddenly this habit has become such a bore

And its shine has become so dim

My knees feel weak

They crumble to the ocean floor

I've done many good deeds

Yet I've broken my last door

Yelling out to the setting sun

I let all my emotions drain

I feel as though my life is done

My heart is filled with so much pain

And as I watch the last of the light

I clutch my chest where my heart belongs

I try to gasp for my last bite

But at last my time has come

As I look down

I see my reflection

Wishing I could somehow drown

I notice my greatest defection

But now it doesnt even matter

I have nothing left to stand for

My heart and soul have now been shattered

Even life's become a chore

The early sun has faded

And again there's nothing new

Yet I sit here all alone and batted

Within the ocean's view

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