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I nervously paced around the waiting room in the hospital, just waiting to hear some kind of news. It's been over 3 hours and the longer it takes the more nervous I get. The amount of guilt and regret I have right now is just unbearable. If Jazz or the kids were to die, I don't think that I could live in this world.

Doctor:Jazzmine Banks?

Me:Yeah...how is she? How are the babies?

Doctor:Well the babies are doing just fine. We actually had to perform an emergency C-Section so the babies are here and doing great.

Hearing that brought a smile to my face.

Me:What about Jazz?

Doctor:Well...she flat lined and we had to hurry up and get the babies out. We were able to bring her heartbeat back up to a normal pace. She even woke up from the coma. We just want to keep her and the babies for a few days just to be positive that they are truly okay.

Me:Can I go see them?

Doctor:Of course, and congratulations on being a new father.

Me:Thank you, and thank you for saving my family.

Doctor:No problem, it's my job.

I took a deep breath before walking back into the hospital room. I slowly walked over to see Jazz awake holding the babies. She was smiling and laughing with the kids, and I could tell that she was gonna be a great mother. When she looked up and saw me her smile completely went away.


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