come back when you can [adoringrucas]

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hey guys! I'm back! Woohoo! I got inspired to do this one-shot, it's completely different than anything I've ever written but I absolutely love it, and I hope you guys will too. I worked soo hard on this and tried to be creative with it. I hope you can immerse yourself and really get in tune with this one, because it's definitely out of the box and just me imagining it let alone is so cool. I'm a geek so this is totally up my alley, but I hope you guys enjoy! Also, high school pt. II will be coming soon!  But here's some rucas fluff for now. :) xx Meg


                        June 3rd,


           * * * * * * *

The light was dim, the ever so soft sound of Frank Sinatra's voice ringing through Riley's ears, as she lay on her bed, fiddling with her rosy red dress that had flowers galore across it.

Her mind was so content, as the warm summer air whistled through her window, leaving warm kisses across her delicate skin.

It was the summer of '42, and normally everyone that was in their right mind would be out playin' or enjoying a day like this. But a soft serenity never came to Riley much often, sadly to her dismay. And this was one of those days, where she felt calm in her mind and everything felt okay.

She could finally relax, not think about what was going on out in the world for once. A day where she could forget about the war, the war millions of miles away where her dad was stationed.

This was a day where she finally felt at peace with her mind, trying not worry about what was out of her control, what she couldn't hold in her own two hands.

She was okay.

The sweet sounds of piano lingered through the air, as the record player crackled along.

Riley let out a soft breath, as she closed her eyes, suddenly seeing stars behind the dark, blackness of her eyelids.

That's until she heard a crack against her window.

Her red stained lips curled downwards into a frown, as her eyes fluttered open.

What was that?

She decides to close her eyes again, but much to her discomfort, a few more crackles bounded against her glass window once more.

She lightly lifted her head, as she ruffled a menacing groan underneath her very breath.

Just as she stood up, and began to make headway towards her bay window that was illuminated by the very light of the sun outside, she suddenly heard the sweet sound of a deep voice, that made her heart instantly flutter. The voice sang from below, along to the track that was ringing from right behind her.

"And beside a gardens wall, when the stars were bright.." They tuned, making Riley's once frowned lips turn into a radiant smile.

She slowly walked over towards her window, as she smoothed out the very edges of her dress.


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