It's his birthday

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(A/N I had to, since his birthday is today, I'm going to die, btw this one is fluffy)

I woke up, then got ready for the day. I was so excited, it's my boyfriend, Gerald's, birthday. I went to a fancy bakery where I ordered a cake for him. I picked it up then drove back home where he was going to come home in like two hours. G took a day off for his birthday, so he can come home to celebrate his birthday with me.

The door bell rang before the door opened to reveal," Gerald!" I ran to him and hugged him, I haven't seen him for like three months. G chuckled before hugging me back. He snuggled his face into my neck kissing it a few times. I ran my hands gently through his hair. We walked over to the living room and sat down on the couch. We talked for at least an hour or two.

"Hey (y/n/n)!" Gerald said which caught my attention." Yeah babe?" "Do you want to watch a movie?" I nodded," Yeah of course!" He nodded and put (f/m) on. Gerald sat back down then put his arm around me. I snuggled into his side, then he just pulled me onto his lap. I rested my head on his chest," I love you." G whispered into my ear." I love you too." Gerald tilted my head up with his fingers and he kissed me. G kept kissing me, over and over again. Each kiss was at least five seconds long, they were passionate.

Soon enough, we were lying on the couch, making out. My arms were around his neck, his arms around my waist, tightly. I then remembered something, oh shit the cake! I shrugged," meh, just one more kiss then I will go." I thought.
~~twenty kisses later~~
I groaned and stopped kissing him and got up carefully. I opened the fridge where the cake was and grabbed it. I got two glasses and wine bottle. I poured some in the glasses and handed him one. He kissed my cheek before sipping the wine. I cut the cake and handed him a piece (A/N I really want cake now). We sat down then ate the cake while talking a little." We're going to have sex tonight, alright?" He smiled. I looked up at him," Ok then." I kissed him quickly.

I shivered, Gerald saw and said," I'll be right back." He ran up the stairs grabbed something from our room, then came back down with his jacket. (Like the one shown below ⬇)

He handed me it and I put it on

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He handed me it and I put it on. We cuddled right after that, then we fucked.

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