Chapter 3 <3

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Desiree's POV

"Ugh" I grunted looking around. I woke up in a small dark dingy bedroom with hideous mustard colored drapes and a musty smelling bed.

"Someone needs a better sense of fashion, or better yet a woman in here." I sarcastically said, trying to cheer myself up.

I sat up on the bed, stiff from being thrown around and sleeping on my face. I stood up wanting to go use the bathroom when I remembered,

I'm kidnapped.

I sat back down on the bad and sighed loudly when suddenly a tall dirty looking dark skinned guy busted in the room, adjusting his eyes to the dimly lit room, searching for probably me.

"Good, your up. You, come with me now," he said with a dirty smirk plastered on his face, his stubby finger pointing at me.

Well what else was I supposed to do but follow.

We traveled down a short dark hallway with peeling brown wallpaper until the man took my arm and shoved me into another room.

"Hey!" I protested

"Shut up!" The guy angrily shouted

"Wes! Get in here! She's ready!"

I nervously waited for a short time on the comfortable green shag carpet, remembering what Harry had said about them:"Des- Don't listen to anything they tell you they just want to hurt you. Don't trust them no matter how charismatic they may seem. They are bad. Im not sure-" and that was it.

A guy, probably Wes, came in holding handcuffs.

I instinctively recoiled back against the musty bed while Wes continued to approach me.

"Come on now, no need to be scared" He suduced. Now just feet above me, he reached down and firmly grabbed my arm and threw me onto the bed. He smelled like beer and bad cologne.

"This is gonna be some nice fun, right Brandon? Were only gonna fuck you, thats all" Wes stated like it was no big deal.

"No stop!" I screamed as Brandon pulled on the sleeves of my shirt, revealing my pink lace bra.

"Very nice, I quite like lace," Wes cooed

"Stop! Get away from me! STO-!" I tried to scream but a filthy hand slapped me across the face.

I whimpered away in fear from the large figure looming over me.

"All right, lets get this on" Wes pointed to a box of baby blue lace shoving it in my direction.

"No!" I screeched and spit in his face

"I WASNT GIVING YOU A CHOICE!" Wes's voice boomed

Pulling the tiny piece of clothing out of its box, Brandon approached me while Wes held me down.

"All right then, if you wont put it on, we'll put it on for you" Brandon explained putting his fingers through the loop in my shorts.

"STOP! HELP!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, hoping someone would hear me. My chances were quite slim considering it was about 3 in the morning.

"Scream all you want, girl, were in the middle of the woods. No one can hear you but us." Wes smiled stalking up close to me.

"NO!" I screamed in his ear when he put his face up near mine.

"Fine, rough it is!" Wes yelled. He stripped out of his clothes while Brandon held me down, then they switched.

Wes grabbed a strap of my bra and pulled me down underneath him, his boxers promptly growing larger.

"I'll go first, then you, Brandon" Wes growled.

All of a sudden the small brown wooden door busted open and who else stood there but Harry Styles himself.

"HARRY!" I wailed

He was fuming, steam literally poring out from his ears. He grabbed the rim of Brandon's Calvin Kleins, punching him in the ear. Brandon was too late to duck and fell to the ground in a daze, but not before hitting his head on the tall dresser first.

Wes on the other hand grabbed me by the neck and stood up off of the bed.

"Make one move and I'll crush your girlfriend, Styles"

I gulped for air but my throat constricted rapidly.

Harry looked horrified and broken, watching the evident fear on my face.

All he did was stand there helplessly as I started seeing black spots in my vision.

"Harry," I managed to choke out using my last breath of air.

Harry's POV

I watched as Des said my name in nearly a whisper and then collapse in Wes's arms.

I feel so weak. I am just standing here while Des is dying in the arms of a psychopath.

A surge of anger suddenly coarsed through my veins, lighting my whole body on fire.

I couldnt let Wes win. Not after what he's done to so many helpless girls. And Des.

Finally, I decided go up and punch him in the jaw but he already saw this coming. Brandon was no help to him now though, so I had that advantage. Wes threw Desiree to the floor, letting her crumple in a heap. I whimpered.

"Come on Styles, lets have a go, shall we?"

"Sure pretty boy" I mumbled.

He ran straight toward me, and I quickly moved to the side grabbing and holding him in a headlock position. Brandon stood up, slightly dazed, and rummaged around in a drawer until he found what he was looking for.

A dull black shot gun.

It seemed like minutes just the three of us standing there, crammed in that little old bedroom.

Im not sure what got into him to make himself finally realize the sad truth in what he was doing when Brandon looked at me, then looked at Des, then looked at Wes, sorrow and embarrassment filling his eyes. He held the black object straight out in front of him, toward Des. I couldn't have moved faster than I did just then. I dropped my hold of Wes and scooped up Desiree clutching her tightly in my arms, and just as I was sprinting around through the tiny little hallway, I heard a shot go off. Not looking back I ran out of the dingy little shack, oblivious to what had actually happened.

I pulled Des close into my body and kissed her, just above her left cheekbone where a large purplish bruise was forming. Feeling the piercing agony in my right shoulder, I struggled to hold on to Des.

Left, right, left, right, left, right.

I tried my hardest to keep a hold of my consciousness until we were safe, away from the shack. Dreading every move, I staggered into the dark brush in the front of the woods. I went about 20 meters in and collapsed in exhaustion and pain. Checking to make sure she was all right, I rested Desiree against a sturdy oak. I could hardly even hold my eyelids open. Before I knew it, everything went black.

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