I left Adam and Mia in the parking lot and headed for 3rd period Bio. Adam has Drama and Mia has Music but they never attend.

Mr. K, our Bio teacher is a really cool guy, he's nice, but when he's in one of his moods, he can be a real pain in the ass. 

"Hey Aqua" Regan says from the back. 

"Hey Ree, do you mind if I sit here?" I ask, motioning to the seat next to him. 

"Nah, it's ok" he says. 

Our conversation is disturbed by Mr. K. 

"Regan!" he calls out.

"Yes sir?" 

"Do you know where Jake is?" 

"In the studio" 

"Aqua, can you please go get him" 

"But..." I protest. 

"Hurry up, my class doesn't wait for anyone" 

Before I even go a couple of meters out of the classroom, I bump into Jake. 

"Mr. K is um...looking for you" I was kind of angry that I had to look for him.

"I was on my way, I got delayed somewhere." He said. I notice red chap stick on his coller...yeah, got delayed somewhere huh? The only person I know who wears so much chap stick is Tiffany the whore. Just the thought of them together makes me want to puke. My day has officially been ruined. 

We walk back into class silently. I take my seat next to Regan and he sits behind us.

During the lesson, Regan whispers to me, "Hey r u ok?"

But before I can say any thing. Our smart ass teacher looks at us and says,

"Would you mind sharing your conversation with us Miss Aqua?" There are a lot people in class conversing, yet he chooses to pick on me instead.

I just look at him with a look of pure loathing and say nothing. 

"Regan, switch seats with Jake. I will not have you two disrupting my lesson." Mr. K says. 

"What!" Regan says 

"Switch seats or else I give you both a weeks detention." 

With that, Regan switches seats with Jake. I try and control my breathing and start blushing immensely when Jake sits next to me.

Regan notices and gives me a knowing look. 

'What?!!' I mouth to him. He just shakes his head and starts laughing. 

This is extremely embarrassing. And the worst part is that Jake can't even notice the effect he's having on me. I want to try my luck so I steal a glance at him. I immediately regret looking at him. He looks extremely pissed off, does he hate me so much that he does not even want to sit next to me? I finally get a chance to sit next to Jake and he gets pissed at me. I feel my eyes start to water. And since I don't want to give the class a show. I excuse myself and run to the bathroom.

I get in one of the stalls and sit on top the toilet. I feel the hot tears burning my cheeks. The only guy I ever loved doesn't like me. I knew that, but for him to hate me is even worse. I can't stand being hated, especially by Jake. And it doesn't make things easier knowing I've been unwanted practically all my life.

I glance down at my arm and smile to myself. Old habits die hard. I take off one of my sneakers and take out the razor I keep inside. I check underneath my foot, and yup, there's some marks. What do expect when you put a sharp object against flesh? I do what I know I do best. I put the razor to my wrist and let nature take its course.

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