Ruby - Shoulder to Cry On

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You resented magic. You resented every little detail that had to do with anything magical. It had lost you your family in more ways than one.

You were the daughter of the infamous Rumplestiltskin. You were there when he asborbed the powers of the Dark One. You were there to watch his personality change and shift into something morbid and monstrous. And you were there when he let Baelfire fall through a portal into another world.

You had known of Bae's plan to take your father to a world without magic, but you were afraid of leaving, too. You tried to convince him to stay, but he insisted that it would be safer there. You were surprised to learn that your father had agreed to such an idea, with how obsessed he had become with power.

You didn't partake. Though you couldn't bear the idea of being separated from them, you hated the idea of leaving home just as much. You didn't have the hatred towards magic that your brother did, so you were less eager to get rid of it.

You never forgave your father for letting Bae fall through the portal alone.

You were understandably cautious after the curse was broken and magic was returned to Storybrooke. You enjoyed everyone having their memories back - except for yourself. You were much more content having no idea what had happened to your father or brother. Under the effects of the curse, you didn't even recall having a brother.

You spent a lot of time at Granny's. Mr. Gold, who was still your father no matter how much you denied it, didn't spend a lot of time there. As long as you avoided his shop, you managed to avoid contact.

You got to know Ruby through your constant trips to the diner. She often noticed your tired eyes and crestfallen expression but said nothing, delivering your coffee or hot chocolate with a peppy smile, pretending she didn't see how upset you really were.

You caved one day when she asked how you were doing. Tears bubbled in your eyes and she instantly sat opposite you, reaching a hand across the table to wrap around yours. You let the waterworks fall freely as you explained your past, and she listened with open ears and a soft heart. She nodded at the appropriate times and her heart broke to see how much hurt magic had caused you. She then told you of her trials and tribulations, and you felt a sense of belonging and connection.

You began visiting the diner as it was closing, and Granny would let you sit and talk to Ruby. You kept it to yourself, but you were developing a crush on the brunette. For now, you'd just appreciate having someone to talk to, though you were dying to take it a step further.

One night, you were sitting in a booth, waiting for her shift to end. When the last customers had gone and the diner had been officially closed, Ruby sat across from you as she always did. But her excited smile fell when she saw the frown on your lips.

"What's wrong? Has your father tried contacting you?" she asked, reaching out for your hand. It had become second nature to her, knowing it comforted you.

You shook your head. "I've been having these... dreams..."

"What kind of dreams?"

You raised your gaze from the table to look into her worried eyes. "I just keep seeing that day over and over. The day he let my brother go. I see the fear in Bae's eyes, and my father's, and I feel the fear in my own heart. It's the most frightening thing in the world."

She exhaled softly and slid from her seat, quickly joining you on your side of the booth. She wrapped her arms around you comfortingly and felt your tears soaking into her shirt. She didn't mind as she reached a hand up to stroke your head, whispering sweet nothings in your ear.

"Do you maybe want to stay here tonight?" she asked softly. "You could stay with me. O-or I could get you a room. Whatever makes you comfortable."

You looked up at her. "I want to stay with you," you replied, wondering if she understood. She seemed to as her eyes fluttered closed and she leaned in, her nose brushing against yours. Your breath hitched in your throat as you tilted your head, closing the gap between your lips. Her hand tightened in your hair and you reached out to wrap an arm around her waist.

She pulled away with a smile on her lips. "I hope you don't mind sharing a bed."

You grinned as she pulled you from the booth. "Not at all."

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