Chapter 9: Traffic Cams

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Judy's P.O.V.

As I sped into the precinct, I ignored a hello from Clawhauser. I continued to Chief Bogo's office and knocked urgently. "Come in!" Chief boomed out. I burst end through the door but before I could speak, Chief cut me off. "Hopps? What are you doing here, weren't you on vacation? And where's Wilde?" He asked sternly. "That's what I'm here about sir, it's Nick and my sister Juniper. They've been kidnapped! It's the same people that kidnapped the other kids too!" I informed him. "How do you know for sure its the same animals?" He asked me. "I know its not t the best Intel but I can feel it. Please, I need to look at the traffic cams in BunnyBurrow right away Chief!" I asked urgently. He made an exasperated buffalo snort and nodded, allowing me to check the cams. "Go to Clawhauser, he will show you how to open up the cams on the front desk computer." Chief added. "Thank you Chief!" I said as I sped out but I heard something as I left. "Good luck Hopps." Chief whispered.

As I ran to the main desk, Clawhauser looked at me with a bit of hurt in his eyes. "Sorry about that Ben, I'm in a big hurry, Nick and my sister have been kidnapped, possibly by the same guys who kidnapped the other kids and now I need your help with looking at the traffic cams in BunnyBurrow." I quickly updated him on the current events. "Of course! Let me just open up this window aaaaannd..... Here we are. BunnyBurrow traffic cams, where in particular?" Clawhauser asked me. I told him my address and about a mile away from it. "Play back from about 14 hours ago." I told him. The cam rewinded to midnight. I saw... everything. How Nick tried to save my sister. Her dazed expression up to the point of being sacked. And Nick being knocked unconscious. I took note of the panther and two wolves. "O my gosh! This is terrible!" Clawhauser squeaked as he munched away on some chocolate drizzled donuts. I nodded, still shocked at what I say. I followed to where the van went, all the was into the Rainforest District, but it was hard to see where exactly it seemed well hidden. I knew within a ten mile radius of their hideout though. I radioed Chief about the Intel I just received. "*kher* alright Hopps, we don't want to draw attention. Fangmire and Delgato will accompany you to scope out the area, you see anyone, do not engage. Have I made myself clear? *kher*" Chief said over the Radio. "Loud and clear Chief!" I responded. 'Just hold on Nick, Juniper, and others. Just hold on, we're going home.' I said to myself.

Author's Note: Sorry if this chapter is short, I'm still a bit loopy, I was at the dentist earlier and the gave me three shots in my mouth on my cheek and a laughing gas mask that I wore the whole time. Also, yes that last sentence is based off a song, I forgot the name to it though. Hope you guys enjoy this chapter, leave a vote or comment or both and stay awesome bros, lol.

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