Chapter 1 [Edited]

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Seo Ah-Young POV

I can do it. Okay you can do it, Ah Young. Fighting. I took a deep breath before stepping into the Oh's Holding. This was nothing. You’re clever enough and they will accept you. I’m standing in front of the lift. Geez, why this take so long? I’m going to be late.

Suddenly, it opened and I got into lift. Before the door could close, someone stopped it. I watched him as he entered. His aura seems very arrogant. Definitely not my type. I stayed silent and waited for the lift to arrive at my destination.

"You going interview?" He asks me haughtily. His tone really argh! Did he never learn how to talk to people nicely?

"Nothing to do with you. " I replied coldly and glared at him. He laughed awkwardly.

"It’s bad to treat me that way." he said and I saw his lips plastered with smirk.

" Who cares." I mumbled but it loud enough for him to hear.

"You will care soon enough. " He said smugly as the lift’s door finally opened. Yesssss!

I rushed out from lift and accidently bumped his shoulder. I heard him groan but I ignored it. He must be one of those people who are coming for the interview, but with that attitude I don't think he’ll get the job.

I need to believe in myself and I know I can do this! This is part one of my plan. I can't let everything go just like that. I knocked the door. Soon enough I heard, someone call for me. I opened the door and entered. The man around his 40s sat on a leather chair. He must be Mr Oh.

"Take a sit, Miss Seo." I nodded and sat in front him politely. He took my resume and read it carefully.

"It’s good. You’re really perfect. You will suit with that perfectly." He smiled and put my resume on the table in front of him. Suddenly, someone opened the door. It shows the arrogant guy I met earlier. What is he doing here?

"Oh son, what brings you here?" Son? Wait this arrogant guy? His son?! Oh nooooooooo! He glanced my way and smirked at me. I looked down, avoiding his piercing gaze. Screw everything.

"Dad, I need new secretary." He said and sat beside me. Wow he can order everyone around  just like that? Rich ass.

"What about the other one we just hired before?" Mr Oh asked.

" I fired her. She just wanted my money nothing more than that. " he explained and crossed his arms. I rolled my eyes.

"I will think about it." Mr Oh said with a sigh.

"You don't have too because I already have new one." He said and smirked at me. I know something bad will happen.

"She will be my secretary." he added which making my eyes almost pop out of their sockets. .

"Wait what?! " I asked almost shouting. When I realized it, I immediately bowed and apologized. Screw this arrogant guy!

"I'm okay with it. How about you Miss Seo?" Mr Oh asked. He’s freaking kidding me right? But I can't reject it.

"I will think about it. I'm sorry but can you give me some time?" I asked politely. Mr Oh nodded, agreeing. I sighed in relief.

I left from Mr Oh’s room. What on earth going on right now?! I don't want to be his secretary or personal assistant. Argh. He’s really pain ass! Screw your life arrogant jerk!

I walked out from the Oh holding. I want to meet uncle right now. I also need some fresh air. I was about to stop a taxi but suddenly the rich car stopped in front me. He opened his car window and inside was that arrogant jerk.

"Hop in." I gave him are-you-kidding-me look.

"Faster before I drag you in." he warned. He thinks I’m scared ? Excuse me I'm Seo Ah-Young!

I walked away from his car. Luckily I'm not kicked into his car before I walked away. He really gets on my nerve. I went to an alley. Suddenly someone grabbed my hand and pinned me against wall. I looked at him disbelief.

" Accept it or you dead "

I got back this story. So I will publish this story from now.

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